The 2019 GOOD Clothing summer collection is here! We are loving their bright new prints and fab linen basics. As we’ve come to expect from GOOD Clothing, their collection has everything from wear-anywhere dresses, cute separates and the best selection of easy-to-wear summer jumpsuits. We asked GOOD Clothing how they find inspiration for each new collection.

GOOD Clothing Summer Collection

“We [at GOOD] have enormous and overwhelming Pinterest boards where we keep images that inspire us as we go along.  Art, fashion, interiors, nature, food, destinations.  When it’s time to put together a seasons story we sit with these and pull images that work together or have repeatedly stood out for us over the year and go from there.  We work very hard on putting them together in a cohesive story using prints that we either buy and customise or design ourselves with the help of Marian’s husband who owns Fuel Design a graphic design agency.” 

The Equilibrio team thinks the 2019 GOOD Clothing Summer Collection is just fabulous. Michelle can’t stop gushing. “I’m SO loving this Good collection. It’s like sexy librarian meets trendy hipster. Love!”  Today we’re sharing inspiration and a couple of ideas on how we’re going to be styling some pieces from the collection this summer.



Hemp and especially linen has received a fresh approach and is hitting it big globally as a fashion favourite fabric for this Spring/Summer season. The movement is all about a return to simplicity; inspiring textiles that celebrate all that is natural and authentic. This trend not only responds to growing consumer demand for sustainable eco practices, but it also taps into a desire for a look that is simple yet elegant.

From the perfect tailored shorts to quality tees and an easy-to-wear-everywhere dress, GOOD Clothing has a small but well-curated hemp and linen summer essentials collection.


The tailored shorts and tees

GOOD Clothing Summer Collection

1. GOOD Gardening Shorts, Navy Linen – R595 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. GOOD Hemp Shirt, White – R580 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. GOOD Hemp Shirt, Navy – R580 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

4. GOOD Classic Cami, Navy Linen – R490 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. Saint & Summer Lush Sandal, Gold/White Shells – R799 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

6. Matter of Fakt Cowrie Shell Bangle – R660BUY ON MATTER OF FAKT

7. G-Star RAW Rovulc HB low – R1299 BUY ON SUPERBALIST

8. Matter of Fakt Cowrie Shell Earrings, Brass – R910 BUY ON MATTER OF FAKT

9. On Y Va Oh Buoy – R1350 BUY ON ONYVA


Red hot linen

GOOD Clothing has taken the love for linen trend a step further and combined it with one of this season’s hottest colours, red.

2019 GOOD Clothing Summer Collection

1. Good Strappy Playsuit, Red – R840 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Famke Linked Circle Necklace, Gold-Plated – R450 BUY ON FAMKE

3. We Heart This Gold Watermelon Earrings – R180 BUY ON ZANDO

4. GOOD Sailor Dress, Red Linen – R900 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. Woven Beaded Watermelon Clutch – R800 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

6. Witchery Fern Hair On Heel, Barley – R 1299 BUY ON WOOLWORTHS

If you love linen, keep a lookout on Equilibrio. We have a number of fresh new designers and collections incorporating linen coming this season.



The 2019 GOOD Clothing summer collection features a fabulous selection of one of my favourite GOOD Clothing items, jumpsuits. Their jumpsuits always fit perfectly! My favourite jumpsuit, the Atchoum Jumpsuit with sleeves is the perfect work to date night jumpsuit. It’s also a great trans-seasonal item that will take you from winter days to summer nights without breaking a sweat. This fabulous number is still available to shop on Equilibrio and is currently on offer for a steal at only R625. Here are a couple of the new GOOD Clothing summer collection jumpsuits and how we’ll be styling them.


The 50‘s style summer jumpsuit

The 50’s style summer jumpsuit is beyond adorable. The button-down fitted top and elasticated waist at the back ensures a figure-hugging fit that drops comfortably into a culotte. And it has pockets!  Wear it with another season favourite, the woven wedge, a fabulous 50’s inspired kitten heel or leopard print slingback block heels. Add an oversized earring, arm-wear, and a statement Crystal Birch hat for added 50’s glamour.

Summer Jumpsuits

1. Good 50’s Jumpsuit, Navy – R950 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Kirsten Goss Onion Earrings, Gold Vermeil – R1490 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Crystal Birch Straw Bolero – R1250 BUY ON CRYSTAL BIRCH

4. Woolworths Colour-Block Leopard Oval Drop Earrings – R120 BUY ON WOOLWORTHS

5. Witchery Cara Wood Beaded Tote – R999 BUY ON WOOLWORTHS

6. Bali Bag Bamboo, Natural – R950 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

7. Witchery Halcyon Tote – R999 BUY ON WOOLWORTHS

8. Kirsten Goss Fragmaxx Brass Cuff – R2190 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

9. Witchery Fern Hair On Heel, Barley – R 1299 BUY ON WOOLWORTHS

10. Mango Woven Braided Wedge, Light Beige – R949 BUY ON SUPERBALIST

11. Country Road Piper Heel – R1599 BUY ON WOOLWORTHS


Palazzo summer jumpsuit

The palazzo summer jumpsuit is the easiest casual, day and night jumpsuit. When GOOD Clothing sent the samples to us for shooting, I quickly mailed them asking if I could purchase the sample. It’s now a favourite in my Spring wardrobe. Wear it casually during the day with sandals or sneakers, then dress it up at night with a bold lip and statement neckwear.

GOOD Clothing Summer Jumpsuits

1. GOOD Palazzo Jumpsuit, Black – R900 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Kirsten Goss Wildcard no.2 Earrings, Sterling Silver – R2690 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. White Rabbit Days RAA Leather Necklace, Siver – R525 BUY ON WHITE RABBIT DAYS

4. Lodewijk Clutch Bag, Black – R2895 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. Aldo Uniolia, Neutrals – R1199 BUY ON ZANDO

6. Saint & Summer Tipsy Sandals, R699 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


Click here to see all the GOOD Clothing summer jumpsuits and playsuits for sale on Equilibrio. SHOP ON EQUILIBRIO



This past year we’ve seen orange everywhere on the streets and in a number of shades. From the living coral Pantone colour of the year to rust in winter and burnt orange and earthy terracotta this Spring/Summer. GOOD Clothing has taken the orange trend literally and designed their own “Oranges” and “Ditzy Oranges” fabrics for the GOOD Clothing Summer collection and we’re crushing on it!

Style the bright “Oranges” on a dark navy background print simply. Earthy tones and warm neutrals like tan are great for the back-to-earth trend that’s so popular right now. Warm gold accessories work well too. You can also accessorise this print with some blue to pick up on the dark navy background. We’ve added an additional fun aspect with accessories and shoes embellished with cowrie shells which are having a huge moment this year.

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The Bella Jumpsuit in the Ditzy Oranges is a slightly more formal summer jumpsuit making it a great style for the office as well. The feminine sleeves and elasticated waist at the back help maintain a flattering shape. I really like thoughtful details like the press-studs to hold the cross-over top in place to avoid annoying gaping.

Orange trend

1. GOOD Strappy Playsuit, Oranges – R840 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. GOOD Wren Dress, Oranges – R990 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Matter of Fakt Cowrie Shell Earrings, Brass – R910 BUY ON MATTER OF FAKT

4. Kirsten Goss Wildcard no.27 Earrings, Gold Vermeil – R4090 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. Milaluna Brown Leather Handle Bag – R2500 BUY ON EQUILBIO

6. Matter of Fakt Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring, Brass – R770 BUY ON MATTER OF FAKT

7. Saint & Summer Lush Sandals, Tan with Gold Shells – R799 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

8. ALDO Gaclya, Cognac – R1499 BUY ON ALDO

9. GOOD Bella Jumpsuit, Ditsy Oranges – R1250 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

10. White Rabbit Days Curl Leather Earrings, Coral – R250 BUY ON WHITE RABBIT DAYS

11. Madison® Stiletto Heel, Orange – R599 BUY ON SUPERBALIST

12. Madison® Stiletto Heel, Navy – R599 BUY ON SUPERBALIST


Shop the 2019 GOOD clothing summer collection on Equilibrio here. SHOP GOOD ON EQUILIBRIO




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