I think Valentines Day is a wonderful reminder that we need to take time to appreciate the special people in our lives. Life has become so fast-paced and crazy, that it has become too easy to take our special ones for granted. Sure, we’re supposed to show our love and appreciation all the time but the truth is, most of us simply don’t because we get too caught up in our daily hustle. Valentines Day provides the perfect pause for us to take a timeout and do something extra special. It’s the one day we are legitimately allowed to regress and be cheesy teenage romantics.

This year, we’ve been searching for an especially romantic Valentines Day idea to celebrate our loved ones and their ability to stick with us through thick and thin. These are our top 5 romantic Valentines Day ideas for 2020. Enjoying Valentines Day is not only reserved for couples. So we’ve included fab ways to share the day with friends as well.


A romantic movie night in a blanket fort

This means more than the usual “Netflix and Chill” scenario!

Romantic Valentines Day
You are NEVER too old for a blanket fort!

Here’s what you need to do to create the perfect romantic movie night.

Set the scene! The key with this very romantic Valentines Day date night idea is to take time setting the scene. You need to create an Arabian Nights worthy movie theatre in your bedroom or lounge. Think “blanket fort” from your childhood using sheets, blankets, a mattress, loads of cushions and fairy lights.

Prep a romantic dinner and drinks. Make your partner’s favourite treats in bite-sized snacks so they’re easy to eat without requiring cutlery. Everything’s supposed to be very hands-on! Have an ice bucket filled with a couple of bottles of your favourite chilled champagne to hand. And don’t forget the cliched strawberries, cherries and even figs dipped in dark chocolate to feed each other for dessert.

Choose your favourite romantic movies for a nostalgic movie marathon. I’m thinking Roman Holiday, Bill Durhum, Say Anything, and When Harry Met Sally.

Make sure you’re alone. If you have kids, do be sure to arrange for them to have a sleepover so you can totally switch off from outside distractions.

Dress the part. Now, change into a pretty, comfortable negligee (sweat pants will NOT do!) and you’re all set for a romantic movie marathon night in.

A picnic dinner under the stars

Take your romantic Valentines Day date night outside with a picnic under the stars. If you live in an apartment, take it out onto the balcony or even the roof. Even though I have a yard, it’s packed with gorgeous Great Danes which can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, I have a flat roof that’s perfect for a picnic under the stars. Here’s what to do.

Romantic Valentines Day
More is more when creating romance!

Pack an enormous picnic basket full of your favourite food, treats, champagne and wine.

Build a luxurious picnic area. If you’re going to picnic in the garden, remember to use a groundsheet to avoid any moisture seeping through. Then layer with rugs, loads and loads of cushions and blankets.

Create a low-slung dining table and arrange with some pretty flowers, cutlery and loads of candles so you can enjoy your picnic lounging Roman-style.

Lighting and decor is everything. Make liberal use of lanterns and fairy lights for romantic mood lighting. Add loads of helium-filled balloons for another fun décor element.

Finally, don’t forget the tunes! Put together a playlist of your favourite songs as a couple to set the mood for an evening of romance. Who knows, there might even be some moonlight dancing on the cards!

A vintage drive-in experience

Romantic Valentines Day

Drive-in cinemas are inherently romantic to me. Some of my first and most memorable date nights as a teenager were at the Kimberley Drive-In. I saw Grease for the first time at the drive-in. Sadly, drive-ins are largely a thing of the past with Joburg’s last permanent drive-in, the Velskoen, having closed in 2012.

The good news however, is that in 2017 Drive In Cinema launched pop-up drive-in cinema events. They host these monthly at different venues across the city, reviving the experience of driving up to a big screen and watching a movie from the comfort, and privacy, of your car.

For the Valentine’s Day edition of Drive In Cinema they will be screening The Notebook and The Proposal on the 14th and 15th. Find out more on their Facebook page here.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not only reserved for couples. You can do something special for yourself or enjoy the day with single friends. After all, it’s also important to treat yourself and the important people in your life, even if they’re not necessarily your romantic partners.

Host a glamorous Valentines Day dinner at home

Invite friends for a glamorous sit-down dinner.

Send out a formal invitation. Be sure to state on the invite that they dress up for the evening!

Do a Secret Valentine gift exchange. Instruct each guest to bring a small Secret Valentines Day gift for another guest. Keep the R-value small – it’s supposed to be thoughtful and fun and is not about the amount of money spent.

Create a special evening for your guests. Decorate the space with loads of pink, red and white helium-filled balloons and romantic candles, lanterns and fairy lights. Have a champagne cocktail ready for them on arrival and plan a fabulous 3-course meal.

If dessert isn’t your thing, create a cupcake tower with these amazing champagne and raspberry cupcakes. (We even have an easy video to show you how to make them.)

Glam it up. You have to dress the part. Here are some of our favourite fashion picks for Valentines Day. We’ve added a couple of timeless LBDs for those who prefer a little less colour.

Invite friends over for a romantic movie night under the stars

Romantic Valentines Day

This is such a fabulously fun way to enjoy some romantic movies under the stars with a bunch of friends. This does require a little planning and preparation though. (I’m already planning this for next year.)

Check the weather forecast

Make sure there’s no sign of rain. All is not lost though, you can simply move your outdoor theatre inside if bad weather threatens to dampen your evening.

Get the right equipment

There are a ton of helpful posts and instructions online to help you set up your outdoor movie experience at home. However, if like me you prefer the convenience of renting the right equipment, you can now hire everything you need from vendors like Movie Night or Rocket Party Hire.

Create the mood

Use anything you can get your hands on to create a cosy outdoor lounge area where guests can lounge about enjoying the movies in comfort. Lay down some groundsheets to protect from any moisture then layer with rugs, covered mattresses, bean bags and loads of cushions. Up the sophistication factor with any daybeds or outdoor lounge chairs, you may have to hand. Finally, add some blankets for a little warmth as the night cools down. Complete the mood with fairy lights and lanterns.

Set up a popcorn and snack bar

Movie Night Snack Bar

Make a ton of popcorn beforehand and create 3 large (salty, sweet and cheesy) bowls of popcorn. Purchase some cute Valentines Day themed popcorn boxes, party bags or simple brown paper bags. Guests can scoop their popcorn of choice into their popcorn box or bag and refill as many times as they like.

Create a table filled with movie treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Purchase your favourite chocolates and sweets in easy to serve mini-sized packages. Or, purchase in bulk and display in pretty glass containers with scoops. Guests can then create their own movie snack packets.

Don’t forget the cocktails

Fill large buckets with ice and load with bottles of bubbles, beer and water. Forego the need for champagne glasses by buying little bottles of champagne guests can sip with some environmentally friendly straws. Another easy drink to serve guests is a punch that you can make ahead of time. All you then need to do is to keep the punch bowl topped-up. This super easy champagne slushy makes the perfect summer movie night cocktail.

Take time this year to show your appreciation for the special people in your life with one of our fabulously romantic Valentines Day ideas. You’ll have loads of fun in the process.

Happy Valentines Day!


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