• What I learned by starting a business in my 20s

    When I look back at my first business startup I giggle.  Only an overly optimistic child could do the things I did.  But more than ten years later I look back and surprisingly, I don’t cringe at my inexperienced exuberance.  Instead I’m now trying to channel that crazy 27-year-old’s sprit. I studied accounting after school. […]

  • 5 weird things I do when Hubby’s away

    When I’m home alone, there are a couple of things I do that I never get to do otherwise.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having Hubby at home and I miss him when he is away, but sometimes a night or two apart can do a relationship good, not true? I’m not sure why […]

  • Equilibrio

    The impossible quest for balance

    Until recently I was a corporate executive, mom of a toddler, athlete and wife. My friends and colleagues would continually wonder how I did it all and still managed to have my highlights done before my roots showed.  Life was on a knife edge, but perceptually perfectly balanced.  Somehow, I got it all done. Every […]

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