• Sin+Tax cocktail bar (Rosebank, Joburg)

    Ambience:  Underground-cool (4/5) Drinks: Cocktails, wine, whiskey (5/5) Service:  Excellent (5/5) Overall:  A cocktail pharmacy – experimental combinations for the adventurous Sin+Tax, is cool for a number of reasons.  The first reason is that it’s hard to find – like a secret society bungalow (think The Bookhouse Boys in Twin Peaks or Dead Poet Society).  […]

  • We tried a Barre 180 class and loved it

    Equilibrio, ever keen to attempt new fitness adventures, decided to try one of the newer group-class offerings at Virgin Active, Barre 180.  We had heard that Barre included a fair amount of ballet but were unsure if that meant we’d be attempting pirouettes during the class – something which was unlikely to be successful!  The […]

  • The Sunday Sunset: Negroni

    If you like gin you have to try this one! Here is the recipe: 30ml gin (preferably one without strong botanicals) 30ml sweet red Vermouth 30ml Campari Shake in a cocktail shaker with  blocks of ice Serve in an old fashioned, thick-bottom tumbler with a slice of orange All ingredients available at Dry Dock Liquor […]

  • Quirky Asian at PRON (Linden, Joburg)

    Ambience:  Funky-cool (4/5)  Food:  Asian (5/5) Service:  Fast and Friendly (5/5) Overall:  If you love Chinese, it’s a must-visit! Red Chamber is an Asian-food institution in Joburg.  Every time I crave some good, traditional, wholesome Chinese, I wheel on over to Hyde Park Corner.  Owner of Red Chamber, Emma Chen, has now opened a second […]

  • True grit! Charcoal’s health and beauty benefits

    Charcoal has been used in emergency rooms for several years, but only recently, it is gaining popularity amongst health-nuts. Experts say it can detox your system, minimize pores and deep-cleanse hair! Activated charcoal, as opposed to regular charcoal we use in braais, is often used in air filtration systems.  Hospitals have been using it as […]

  • Review – Valdo the prettiest bubbly by far

    In winter, most of us gravitate towards red wine as our drink of choice (more red wine reviews to come), it is comforting and goes well with moreish winter food. But on occasion a glass of bubbly is in order. My good friend Martin Pienaar, owner of Dry Dock Liquor Merchants in Parkhurst, Johannesburg introduced me to Valdo, an […]

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