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Plum or berry lipsticks are all the rage this winter, as is the “noir lip” which is essentially a black lipstick. I’ve decided to leave the “goth-inspired” black lip to the under-30s since I think it is a bit harsh for me (only my opinion), but I love experimenting with other berry hues. 

Many of you may think that berry lipstick is hard to pull off, that your lips will look thinner and that you prefer to stick to pinks. But today I want to show you that there’s a berry lipstick for all of us. You just need to pick the right one and apply it in the right way for you. 

I’ve picked five looks and have recreated them with two of my favourite lipstick brands – Lipstick Queen and organic brand, Lula Fox. 



Berry lipstick

J-Lo is a fabulous style inspiration and at 50, I feel I can take cues from her for a timeless beauty look. 


Great for:

Ladies who have both thin and full lips. This slightly redder colour won’t thin the lip as much as a dark berry lipstick. 


How to get the look:

Jennifer’s lipstick is glossy but not sheer. Use a shiny lipstick that goes on in a solid colour. Keep the eyes neutral with a bit of smudged smokey liner. 


What I used:

I first lined my lip in Lipstick Queen liner, Rouge, and coloured in the whole lip. This helps the lipstick stay put, and brings a little more “red” to the colour. If you have thin lips, apply the liner just outside your natural lipline and colour in the whole lip. 

Then I applied Lipstick Queen All The Jazz Lipstick in Hot Piano over the lip liner. This lipstick has an unbelievable shimmer that instantly plumps the lips. 

Lipstick Queen Liner, Rouge, R368 BUY ON METRO COSMETICS

Lipstick Queen, All that Jazz, Hot Piano, R520 BUY ON METRO COSMETICS



I actually find purple or lavender lipsticks one of the hardest looks to pull off. I often look like I’ve been dunked in an ice bath or am lying in the morgue. So I came up with a plan to “liven up” this look.


Great for: 

Ladies who have both thin and full lips. The second, shimmery layer of this look will help plump thinner looking lips. 


How to get this look:

Use a purple/plum/lavender lipstick in a solid colour. Then layer a pinkish shimmery (not necessarily shiny, rather glittery) gloss over it. Remember that shimmer brings the application area forward so your lips will look bigger.

Keep the eyeshadow light and add lots of mascara.


What I used: 

I applied Lula Fox Botanical Lipstick in Purely Plum (you can first apply a liner in Lula Fox Allure if you wish). I blotted this lipstick to thin it out and then applied a layer of Lula Fox lipgloss in Rock n Roll. The lipgloss has a pinkish metallic look which takes away that “walking dead” look that purple lipsticks can so often create. The metallic gloss also helps to plump the lip. 

Lula Fox Botanical Lipstick (Vegan), Purely Plum, R350 BUY ON LULA FOX

Lula Fox Luxury Gloss Collection, Rock n Roll, R350 BUY ON LULA FOX




This look is super easy. You just need the right lipstick. It’s a berry shade which has an almost seethrough application.


Great for: 

Absolutely anyone. It’s an unintimidating look that is a great interpretation of a berry lip.


How to get this look:

Use a sheer, glossy plum lipstick. No lip liner necessary. In this look, you can keep the eye neutral or have fun with a touch of lavender. 


What I used:

Lipstick Queen has a range called Butterfly Ball. It’s a super sheer (literally just tints the lips), ultra moisturising range with an iridescent element that not only adds shine but actually makes your teeth look whiter. I simply slicked on two coats of the shade “Goodbye” and I was done. 

Lipstick Queen, Butterfly Ball, Goodbye, R456 BUY ON METRO COSMETICS



berry lipstick

This is the dramatic look that we see many of the makeup gurus wearing. It’s gorgeously seductive but it is not for everyone. It can age you and make your lips look thinner. 


Great for:

A day or night look for women with medium to full lips. 


How to get this look:

Use a matte plum lipstick with full coverage. Keep the eye subtle or with a touch of gold. 


What I used:

The trick to choosing a matte lipstick is to find one that doesn’t dry your lips out and look “cracked” after a while. I used the Lula Fox Matte Lipstick in Black Cherry after lining my lip in Allure. I always choose to wear a liner with full coverage lipsticks to stop them from bleeding into the lines around my mouth, but matte lipsticks do tend to bleed less than moisture-rich lipsticks. I applied the lipstick with a lip brush for precise application. Be sure to blot lightly to remove excess lipstick. And make doubly sure you don’t get lipstick on your teeth

Lula Fox Lip Pencil Liner, Allure, R270 BUY ON LULA FOX

Lula Fox Matte Lipstick, Black Cherry, R360 BUY ON LULA FOX




This is another great interpretation of a berry lip that’s sexy and so youthful.


Great for:

Anyone. Young, mature with thin lips or full lips.


How to get this look:

A lot of makeup artists like staining the lip with a lipgloss but I find it slips off too quickly. So I recommend matte lipstick in your favourite berry shade. Matte lipsticks tend to stay on for longer because of their “dryer” consistency. 

Pair with a neutral almost “no-makeup” eye. 


What I used: 

I once again reached for my Lula Fox Matte Lipstick in Black Cherry. The trick here is in the application. Rather than applying the lipstick directly to the lip, I put some on the tip of my middle finger, and lightly tap it onto the lip. Keeping my lips slightly open, I tapped the lipstick on from the inside of the lip, blending outwards. The idea is not to have a precise lipline but rather a sheer “smooched” look (wink, wink). 

This look is huge on the runways and once you crack the application of it, it’s really easy and flattering. 

Lula Fox Matte Lipstick, Black Cherry, R360 BUY ON LULA FOX


So those are my five berry lipstick looks! Which one is your favourite? Would you like me to do a video on any one of them? Leave a comment below.