Best face masks for everyday activities

I’ve quickly learned that having only one or two face masks is way too few. One needs to wash them after every use and some work better for certain daily activities than others. I soon realised that I need a face mask wardrobe!

What is a face mask wardrobe you ask? It’s a range of different styles of face masks that are used for various purposes. The mask I use while grocery shopping, for example, doesn’t work well for my morning jog. It gets uncomfortable and isn’t breathable enough. And if I’m wearing my glasses while working on my computer, I need a mask that limits misting up. So, I think you can see how I quickly ended up with a big collection of face masks.

Here are a few ideas and tips for the best masks for various daily activities:

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When I’m quickly hopping in my car to go grocery shopping, I like wearing a mask that is easy to put on and take off, is breathable and doesn’t look too bad with my casual wear. I really like the ones from Joburg brand JMVB which are made from two layers of high thread count cotton and a third, middle layer of Spunbond, non-woven filter. These masks are made with elastics around the ears which make them easy to remove and they wash very well.

Denim is a great fabric for masks it’s high density and very breathable.


It has been particularly difficult to find a good mask for exercising. Cycling isn’t too bad with a buff since you have air flowing over your face and your sunglasses don’t mist up too fast, but to find a mask for running was a pain.

During my jogs, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my sunglasses kept misting up. I needed to find a highly breathable mask that fits well over the nose to limit misting. I tried plenty and finally found the best option. Erre buffs and face masks all have upper wire that help your mask fit snugly over the bridge of your nose. If you move the mask up to just under the eyes and mould the wire close to your face, misting is limited.


With schools starting up again we’ll need to get back into the routine of the early morning school drop. The chill in the air calls for a buff mask which is nice and warm and also convenient. Or better yet, wear the Erre Buff Top, a polo neck with a built-in double layer buff mask with filter. Use it when you need it and fold it away when you don’t. See our video below on how it works.

If you prefer not to use a buff mask, a comfy cotton mask that’s easy to get on and off is just the thing.


If you’re back at the office, you may need to wear a face mask for long periods of time. Some people find that elastics around the ears get uncomfortable after a while and prefer ties around the head. Also, if you wear glasses you’ll need a mask that has upper wire over the nose. A snug fit over the bridge of your nose will limit misting or fogging up of the glasses.

Erre face masks have adjustable ties around the head and upper wire for a close fit over the nose. They are machine washable.


We haven’t got many opportunities to dress up these days but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want a little shine in our lives. Even though masks are over our mouths they can be a great way to express ourselves too. Choose a brightly coloured mask from your mask wardrobe to express optimism or a sequins one to add a little bling to your outfit. Masks needn’t always be boring and are an inexpensive way to add luxury to your wardrobe.

These sequins masks, exclusive to Equilibrio, are lined in either Duchess Satin or Silk Acetate which feel wonderful on the skin and not at all scratchy. Beautifully made in limited quantities.

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