Equilibrio is a big fan of Dermalogica skincare products. They tick all the boxes for us. They are effective, vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten free and formulated without artificial fragrances and colours. But another, perhaps lesser known reason we love Dermalogica, is its commitment to empower women by fostering their financial independence through the Dermalogica FITE initiative. This month Dermalogica has united with the Pinky Promise movement, to join the global battle against gender-based violence.

Dermalogica FITE

The Dermalogica FITE program invests in the potential of women and girls by creating pathways to entrepreneurship. The beauty and skincare industry is 90% female. So, when we support Dermalogica, we’re also investing in the financial independence of South African women, helping those at risk of gender-based violence, to educate themselves and create new lives on their own terms.



The Dermalogica FITE program has been around for a while having launched in 2011. A very apt acronym, FITE stands for Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship. The FITE initiative was a natural extension of Dermalogica’s commitment to vocational education and careers in the beauty industry. The Dermalogica brand is itself the prototype. It employs and upskills thousands of women, and has created career opportunities around the world for more than 30 years.

“Supporting women’s participation in the economy is one of the most important areas an individual, business or country can do to drive economic development. It is also a proven ‘game changer’ for increasing job opportunities,” says Jane Wurwand, Founder and Chief Visionary at Dermalogica.

We are a little in awe of this remarkable women and inspiring entrepreneur. Her effrots in launching this life-changing initiative were recognised by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his remarks to the International Women’s Day forum on “Investing in Women and Entrepreneurship”, in March 2011. (You can check out his full remarks to the forum here.)

There are basically 3 cornerstones to the Dermalogica FITE program.

Economic Support

Dermalogica FITE

FITE believes that women have the power to yield significant returns for themselves, their families and their communities. By providing women entrepreneurs with access to small loans and business resources, FITE gives women a hand up, and helps fill the gap between what they can do and what they need.


Education & Training

Dermalogica FITE

The program provides girls with the knowledge to succeed as entrepreneurs. Investing in a girl’s education is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty and foster economic growth and stability. The Dermalogica FITE initiative supports global opportunities that further the education, vocational and leadership skills of women.


Empowering Communities

Dermalogica FITE

FITE invests in local grassroots initiatives to help women become leaders, impactful citizens and champions for pressing social issues. Strengthening pathways to entrepreneurship is an important step in helping change the perceived value of women and girls in society. By connecting their programs with on-the-ground efforts like Pinky Promise, FITE wants to help the women it supports to amplify their voices and address human rights issues in their communities.



The Pinky Promise movement aims to raise awareness and funds for various causes.  The movement wanted to find a way for people to show support for a particular campaign or cause, that will live on beyond a march or other single event. Thus, the novel concept of having your pinky finger nail painted in a specific colour to represent your support of a particular cause.

While they will ultimately represent various causes, the movement will only focus on one cause at a time.

Pinky PromiseTheir first cause is for all, men, woman and children to take a stand against gender-based violence, an issue of alarming significance to women in South Africa which has one of the highest gender-based violence rates in the world.

The Pinky Promise goal is to paint 1 million pinkies black, the color of the cause, by the end of the annual international 16 Days of Activism campaign that runs from 25 November to 16 December, including that of President Ramaphosa.

How can I participate?

It’s simple, you paint your pinky fingernail the colour of the cause, in this case black, and make a R20 donation on their digital platform here. Proceeds go to the named beneficiries of the particular cause. The Dermalogica FITE pogram is one of those beneficiaries of the gender-based violence initiative.

Find out more about this movement, its causes and how to host your own event in support of the causes here.



In support of the Pinky Promise fight against gender-based violence, Dermalogica has created a treatment available only at Dermalogica Concept Stores called the “lift + glow”. Dermalogica will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of all lift + glow treatments to the Pinky Promise foundation.

You don’t have to be an activist like the inimitable Jane Fonda to support this important movement for social change. You can make a contribution by simply enjoying a treatment and skin that glows while knowing you’re making an impact on and uplifting someone else’s life.

Contact your nearest Dermalogica concept store to make an appointment and support the FITE against gender-based violence. We Pinky Promise to support this cause, we hope you do too.




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