Erin Bosenberg is a South African/Canadian who also lived in Botswana at a time in her life. She was in Cape Town before moving to Joburg to study her Masters, a place she calls “the most fashionable city she’s ever been to”. Joburg’s people, street style and vibe are what inspires Erin’s creations for Edition 1. Her scarves are vibrant and unique, designed with photos she takes of local surroundings. 

Edition 1 scarves are digitally printed, hand-sewn, wearable art. Erin’s first collection, called Car Culture, was inspired by her initial impression of her current hometown – lots of cars and people! The scarves are produced in 100% cotton or silk satin.  See the Car Culture collection here. Edition 1 just launched a new collection with a completely different feel, the Eco-logic collection.

*You can win a scarf from either the Car Culture or Eco-logic collection! See how to enter at the bottom of the post.* 



Edition 1’s Eco-logic collection is a rare, opulent display of pink and green jewel-like colours and glossy texture. There are six, very limited edition scarves available in Eco-logic. Each item is handmade in silk satin with hand-sewn rolled hems.


Eco-logic’s hand rolled hem

Two of the designs are 45x45cm and four are larger, 90x90cm. Each scarf is packaged in a handmade pouch and comes with a certificate of authenticity, specifying which edition you have purchased.

There truly isn’t a scarf in this collection that I wouldn’t like to own and wear all winter. After meeting with Erin, and experiencing her scarves, I settled on investing in the vibrant “Green Glory”.  It is the perfect pop of colour in my autumn wardrobe. I find that the larger size is slightly easier for me to style since I’m not that adventurous with scarf folding. Jill has tonnes of scarves and wanted something that stands out from her others. She chose the “Sweet Dream”.


Which Eco-logic is for you?

Edition 1

Tropic Repeat, 90cm X 90 cm, 100% Silk Satin, R2000  BUY

Limited Edition of 27


Edition 1

Psychedelic Bloom, 90cm X 90 cm, 100% Silk Satin, R2000 BUY

Limited Edition of 27


Edition 1

Waterways, 45cm X 45 cm, 100% Silk Satin, R700 BUY

Limited Edition of 28


Edition 1

Sweet Dream, 45cm X 45 cm, 100% Silk Satin, R700 BUY

Limited Edition of 28


Edition 1

Bougainvillea Bliss, 90cm X 90 cm, 100% Silk Satin, R2000 BUY

Limited Edition of 27


Edition 1

Green Glory, 90cm X 90 cm, 100% Silk Satin, R2000 BUY

Limited Edition of 27


Limited time offer:

For a limited time, as part of the new collection launch, you will receive a free scarf from the Car Culture collection when you buy a scarf from the new Eco-logic collection, so act fast.


Photography credit: Ingrid Irsigler,  Styling: Karin Orzol.



See this great way that Erin showed us to wear our scarves to show off their beautiful design. She ties the scarf in a way to style it almost like a bolero. Click the image below to go to her video tutorial.

Edition 1

Click the image to watch the tutorial


For more ideas and tutorials visit the videos section of Edition 1’s Facebook page.



Edition 1 will be giving away a scarf to two lucky Equilibrio readers. By entering, you stand a chance to win either a limited edition, silk Waterways scarf from the new Eco-logic collection OR a cotton Popstar scarf from the previous Car Culture collection. Both stunning!

Edition 1

Left: Waterways, 45cm X 45 cm, 100% Silk Satin

Right: Popstar, 100cm X 100cm, 100% Cotton


Here’s how to enter:

1. Like the Edition 1 Facebook page, follow this link.

2. Like the Equilibrio Facebook page, follow this link.

3. Go to the comments section below this post. Enter your name and email address in the specified fields (you can ignore the “website field” if you wish), and answer this simple question: What is the name of Edition 1’s new scarf collection?

The winners will be announced on our website and on Facebook on Thursday, 22 March 2018.


Shop all Edition 1 scarves online on the website

Like the Edition 1 Facebook page

Follow Edition 1 on Instagram 


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  1. Jackie du Plessis

    Answer: The Eco-logic Collection

    • Michelle Doyle

      Correct! Good luck Jackie

  2. Candice Vincent

    The Eco-Logic Collection ???

  3. Nicole Naicker

    The Eco – logic Collection
    Amazing giveaway

    • Michelle Doyle

      It is an amazing giveaway Nicole! These scaves are of amazing quality. All handmade.

  4. Mpho

    silk waterways scarf

    • Michelle Doyle

      Almost right Mpho. Try one more time.

  5. Lynnith

    The Eco Logic collection, so lovely x

  6. Karen

    Eco-Logic! my oh my , so gorgeous!

    • Michelle Doyle

      Good luck Karen x

  7. Brenda Fernandes

    The Eco Logic Collection
    Incedibly gorgeous

    • Michelle Doyle

      Correct! Thanks for entering Brenda

  8. Sarah Lord

    The Eco Logic Collection

    • Michelle Doyle

      Well done Sarah!

  9. Glynis Smith


  10. Denise Blair

    The Eco Logic Collection

  11. Audine Jacobs

    The Eco-Logic Collection. These are beautiful

    • Michelle Doyle

      Yes! They are magnificent Audine

  12. Roshana

    Eco-Logic Collection…so very dreamy

  13. Hermien

    Its the Eco-logic collection. Simply stunning!

    • Michelle Doyle

      Good luck Hermien!

  14. Tania van Zyl

    silk Waterways scarf from the new Eco-logic collection OR a cotton Popstar scarf from the previous Car Culture collection

  15. Dashmika Devraj

    The answer is Eco Logic Collection

    • Michelle Doyle

      Hi Dashmika, I’m so sorry, the competition is closed and the winner have been chosen. We hope you’ll enter the next giveaway!

  16. Dominique Zuma

    Eco Logic Collection ! So beautiful ! Would be amazing for winter ?

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