Equilibrio’s best 30 (electronic) tracks of 2020

Image by Vusi Mathe

And so we finally come to the end of the most bizarre year any of us can remember. A year during which we all started speaking in a different language. Most people had never heard the word “coronavirus” at the start of the year. Now it’s part of the daily vocabulary for everyone from the youngest schoolchild to the most vulnerable grandparent. How many of us were talking about social-distancing, work-from-home, and flattening the curve last year? Terms such as ventilators and first responders have slipped into our everyday discussions and thoughts.

In January who would have thought we’d spend months on end panicking about the availability of face masks and hand sanitiser? We’ve studiously monitored our temperatures and panicked at every cough, sneeze and sore throat. We even needed to be taught how to wash our own hands properly!

Long hours have been consumed each day on video platforms like Zoom and Teams, tools we had hardly ever used before, but which have become so much part of our daily fabric that we happily go online wearing slept-in clothes, unbrushed hair and unmade-up faces. For months we holed-up not seeing anybody, and then when we finally could socialise a bit, doing normal things with good friends and family suddenly felt alien and even a little scary to us. And now, just when things started to appear a bit more normal, the virus suddenly hits us with a second wave and we seem destined to face it off all over again.

So then, how about a bit of music to lighten the mood?

We have done things a little differently this time around. Rather than a collection of tracks collecting the best of the year across multiple genres, we have assembled a shorter playlist of electronic-only songs. Maybe we were drawn by the fact that, with stay-at-home orders in place, many artists were forced to write and produce music on their own. Outside the normal recording studio environment musicians used whatever tools they had available, which were mostly digital. Or perhaps it was a subconscious choice driven by a wish to hear something uplifting and normal as this mad year draws to a close.

For sure, the (mostly) danceable tracks on display here could soundtrack your socially-distanced New Year’s Eve house party with the six people in your curfewed bubble. Or of course, could serve as the backing to donning your PJs and slippers at 6 pm on a Friday while preparing for another rowdy night of Netflix binge-watching.

Hope you enjoy this fun music. The warm weather is here and we can spend more of our time outdoors. But please look after yourself and after others. Stay safe…



You can listen to previews of each track by clicking on the icons next to the song titles below.

If you have iTunes and an Apple Music account, you can listen to the full songs and add the playlist to your library. Simply click on the grey Apple Music icon or sign in.

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