ERRE (pronounced “air”), is a local fashion label that strives to “give women a sense of power through the way they dress.” Since launching in June 2013, ERRE has become one of South Africa’s most recognised and loved design houses favoured by strong women like local celebrity Terry Pheto, and royalty like Princess Charlene of Monaco.


Feminine power dressing

ERRE Spring/Summer 2018

ERRE SAFW Spring/Summer 2018 Runway Show

Known for their love of black, use of structured draping and layered details, ERRE creates silhouettes and styles that are figure-flattering for any shape or size. ERRE clothes look good on all women, from tall and skinny to girls with curves. They understand the diversity of the bodies of the South African women.  Their dramatic shoulders and form-fitting waistlines help create a balanced yet powerful silhouette, and brings the focal point upwards for a look that says, “I mean business”.

ERRE makes garments that are sophisticated and elegant without being restrictive. While ERRE advocates “power dressing”, they achieve this with a feminine silhouette that embodies a fluidity and movement that celebrates the female form. “We love the idea that power dressing can also be feminine.”


Sustainability through timeless fashion

ERRE Power Dressing

ERRE supports sustainability in fashion by creating designs that are classic, timeless and enduring.  They pride themselves on exceptional tailoring. All garments are constructed locally to the highest quality standards. An ERRE piece is a durable investment that will be as stylish and relevant in 10 years as it is today. 

“Invest in timeless garments that fit you well and will last season after season regardless of trends. We believe that when clothing is beautifully made and timeless, it will never be thrown away.”



ERRE is born

Behind ERRE stands 2 highly skilled and very talented designers, Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume, who met while lecturing at a small design college in Pretoria. Carina was lecturing on pattern-making while Natasha was lecturing on sewing skills and techniques. This required them to spend a great deal of time together planning lessons. Naturally, they starting talking outside of their lectures and realised that they shared similar ideas around fashion, but with entirely different and hugely complementary skill sets. They realised that if they combined their skills, they could make a “formidable” duo in the SA fashion scene.  Thus, ERRE was born and officially launched with their first collection showing on the SA Fashion Week (SAFW) runway in October 2013.


From SAFW to the runways and royalty of Europe

Now 6 years and 12 SAFW collections later, ERRE has firmly established its prominence in the SA design landscape. Their AW2014 showstopper dress was nominated as one of the Design Indaba’s Most Beautiful Objects in South Africa in 2015. In 2018, on receiving an invitation from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, ERRE showed at Berlin Fashion Week in March. They followed this with a showing at the Mercedec-Benz Fashion Week Russia held in Moscow in April.  In June, they met and dressed HSH Charlene of Monaco for the cover of Rooi Rose magazine. Princess Charlene was so enamored with their designs that she invited ERRE to Monaco to create bespoke garments for her. Since then, ERRE has dressed numerous celebs and their clothes have been featured on a number of local magazine covers.

Rooi Rose Princess Charlene Cover

Image Source: Rooi Rose. From left to right: Carina (ERRE), Princess Charlene, Natasha (ERRE)



The ERRE Spring/Summer 2019 collection is all about “exploring movement in power dressing.” This short fashion video beautifully demonstrates how they successfully achieved this feminine “movement” in their new collection.



Equilibrio is enormously excited to be launching ERRE on our online shop. Their new Spring/Summer collection is threatening to bankrupt us.  The use of bold colour in perfect harmony with the powerful ERRE design aesthetic is nothing short of stunning. Notably, ERRE has managed to successfully translate their runway pieces into clothes that are accessible and perfect for everyday wear.

ERRE Spring/Summer 2019

ERRE SAFW Spring/Summer 2019 Runway Show


Here’s a snippet of what you can expect on our online shop, or click this link to see the full ERRE collection now available on Equilibrio. SHOP ERRE ON EQUILIBRIO

Living coral showstopper

This coral ensemble was without a doubt the showstopper in the collection. The complete runway look consists of a beautiful power-sleeve blouse, long palazzo pants and a sweeping cover-up that can double as a dress. The ERRE clean sweep is a stunning floor-length gown with a delicate yet powerful draped sleeve and pleated back detail (as seen in the image below). This piece perfectly embodies the fluidity and movement in power dressing ERRE sought to achieve with this collection.

ERRE Spring/Summer 2019

1. Power Sleeve Blouse, Coral – R1400 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Stride Wide Leg Pants, Coral (Also available in black) –  R1650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Clean Sweep Cover-Up, Coral (Also available in black) – R3800 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


“The Queen of all colours”

In addition to strong hourglass silhouettes, ERRE is probably equally well known for their love of black which they lovingly refer to as “the Queen of all colours”. It’s versatile, elegant yet practical, and flattering on everyone.

ERRE Spring/Summer 2019

1. Sprint Racerback Vest, Black (Also available in red) – R580 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Stroll Wide Leg Pants, Black (Also available in red) – R1650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Swing It Jacket, Black (Also available in red) – R2400 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

4. Sprint Skinny Pants, Black (Also available in red) – R1600 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. Just Sleeve It Drawstring Dress, Black (Also available in pink) – R1600 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


The Myri dress

The Myri dress is the perfect example of ERRE’s timeless design philosophy. Inspired by Grecian draping, it was created back in 2015 and remains an annual feature of ERRE’s collections. The Myri was named for the myriad of ways it can be worn by simply raising the hemline, buttoning the sleeves, or changing the neckline. It’s a multi-way dress that will take you from daywear to cocktails, from a wedding to a picnic to a trip to the beach.

ERRE The Myri Dress

From left to right:

ERRE Multi-Way Myri Dress, Coral – R1900 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

ERRE Multi-Way Myri Dress, Pink – R1900 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

ERRE Multi-Way Myri Dress, Black – R1900 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

Each Myri dress comes with a handy instruction booklet on how to achieve different styles.


Follow this link to see the full collection available on Equilibrio today. SHOP ERRE ON EQUILIBRIO


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