Eyebrow Threading and Tinting

The trend for thick, full brows is still going strong. Bold brows demand our attention, whether you wear them bushy or a little more groomed and carefully shaped. After many years of tweazing, brow bars and microblading have become big business to give you beautiful big brows. Well-groomed eyebrows can frame your face, add youthfulness and complement your features. The best way to achieve this is to accentuate your natural brow shape.



Here’s how the “perfect natural brow” is shaped:

Hold a brush or a brow pencil against the side of your nose so its tip rests on your forehead. Your brows should start above the middle of each nostril. Find the perfect natural arch on a straight line from the outside of the iris. To find the end of your eyebrow swing the pencil until it is inline with the outer corner of your eye. Groom your eyebrows with this shape in mind to complement your face.



At my visit to Franco International Hyde Park I spoke to Ramila Thapa. She runs the iBrowz brow bar within the salon which does waxing, tinting and threading. I occasionally tweeze stray hairs but thought it was time for a bit of an eyebrow make-over, so I made a booking and dragged Jill along with a video camera.

Threading has been around for centuries, and is commonly practiced in many eastern countries such as India. It involves using a cotton thread to remove the hair. It is similar to plucking as you pull the hair out by the root, but is quicker and, in my view, less painful. Threading is safer than waxing as it doesn’t irritate the skin to the same extent, and is far more accurate. Threading is also great for men who want to get rid of their “unibrow” without looking too sculpted.

My entire treatment of threading and tinting took about 20 minutes and cost R170. Threading without tinting will cost you R100. My skin was a little red for about 30 minutes afterwards.



Full brows aren’t just for those with a naturally beautiful pair. Pencils and powders work wonders to bridge the gaps, and brow gels can keep them perfectly in place.

Even though my brows have been tinted, I still have some gaps between hairs which I need to fill in. I also like to make my brows slightly longer, in line with the outside of my eye (see the directory above). The BrowGal is an excellent specialist eyebrow range of products. Their pencils come in various colours with a built-in sharpener and brush. You can buy or order yours from Metropolitain Cosmetics for R430. Although pricey, the pencil is worth the investment, mine lasts for a year. Even if you decide to use alternative products, the tutorial below will give you some good tips on application to achieve the perfect, bold eyebrow.


(The post was originally written in August 2017 and has been reviewed and reissued)

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