We knew we wanted to feature the unique T_niche brand on Equilibrio when we saw the SS18 collection at SA Fashion Week in October last year. Michelle was instantly obsessed with the bold design and beautiful floral fabric of the green Mitch jacket, and in fact now owns the very same jacket we saw on the runway. Check out the video below to have a look at the full SS18 T_niche runway collection and see what grabbed out attention.

T_niche is the eponymous brand of Tenisha Lourens. All her garments are handmade in her small studio workshop in Linden, Johannesburg which she shares with another designer featured on Equilibrio, Danielle Frylinck.  Tenisha’s designs feature interesting silhouettes and draping that flatters every figure. She appreciates that women’s bodies come in varied shapes and sizes, and creates patterns to reflect that.

We had a chat and a quick Q&A session with Tenisha to find out a little more about this interesting designer and what inspires her to create.



T_niche's Tenisha Lourens

Tenisha hails from a small town in the Free State but loves the city and has lived in Johannesburg for the last 13 years. Clothing and fashion intrigued her from a very young age. “Since I was about 6, my grandmother taught me everything she knew about textiles, knitting and crochet and even let me use her overlocker.” However, it was never a career path that was strongly advocated and she even considered becoming a “ball-busting lawyer”. Fortunately, her passion persevered and she eventually started her own clothing brand, T_niche.  

Tenisha’s collections display her love for pattern making, fabric and print. She loves nothing more than to spend hours in her studio, quietly draping fabrics on mannequins to see what interesting silhouettes she can coax from them.

T_niche Mitch Jacket

Left: T_niche Mitch Jacket – Green, R1510 BUY

Right: T_niche Mitch Jacket – Red, R1510 BUY


Who was or is your greatest mentor?

My mentor is and always be Isabelle Lotter from Sies!isabelle. She has a special ability to teach and convey everything she knows, while pushing you beyond your creative barriers.


How do you go about conceptualising a new collection?

It usually starts with music and a massive pile of fabric. I then play with the fabric to test shapes, ideas and details. Usually my ideas change quickly and develop into looks instead of just pieces of clothing.


What’s your favourite part of the process of bringing a new garment to life.

My favourite part of creating a new garment is when it all comes together and the pattern just works. It’s not always easy to define but somewhere, I did something a little better than the last time.


What would you say is the key or standout feature of T_niche designs?

I believe the main feature of our brand is the fact that so many different woman in different phases of their lives can relate to the same piece of clothing and completely make it their own.

T_niche Tunics

1. T_niche Yoji Tunic – Black, R1450 BUY

2. T_niche Yoji Tunic – Grape, R1450 BUY

3. T_niche Mikura Tunic – Coral, R940 BUY

4. T_niche Mikura Tunic – Black, R940 BUY


What’s your most lustworthy fashion item – price is not a factor!

Right at this moment it is definitely an Ann Demeulemeester Priestly Wool coat… One day!


What’s your favourite fashion icon moment?

I have countless favourites and find it so hard to choose one. However, a recent favourite must be Basetsana Kumalo for Rubicon on the runway at SA Fashion Week SS18. The level of chills and pride to be South African at that moment was priceless and to me, a proper (fashion icon) moment.

T_niche Calvin Dress

Left: T_niche Calvin Dress – Fern, R1280 BUY

Right: T_niche Calvin Dress – Black, R1280 BUY


We know you’re going to love T_niche’s silhouettes and interesting draping. Her tunics are wonderfully versatile. You can wear them as a beach cover-up or to dress up a basic dress for cocktails . You can see the full Equilibrio launch collection here.

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