FOUND. Collection is the result of a shared love for creativity, design and beautiful things. The brand was launched in 2014 by BFF’s Lisa Carinus and Gitte Muller, who had unified a dream of bringing their creative passion and love for textiles to life in the form of beautiful garments. They want to create clothes for women that are timeless and unique, and reflect their inner-strength and individuality. Lisa describes their clothes as being “feminine with a trendy edge.”

The first thing that strikes you about the FOUND. Collection garments is the use of exquisite fabrics. Their pieces are all lovingly created using fabrics featuring delicate embroidery, beading, rich colours and varied textures.  A great deal of their time is spent thoughtfully sourcing these fabrics.

Another important aspect to the FOUND. Collection ethos is their support of the local community and fashion industry by only using local artisans to craft their designs.  “It is important to us that we support and uplift local entrepreneurs by giving them greater opportunities for growth.” There is no mass production here!  

Gitte and Lisa with some of the local artisans who craft their garments

FOUND. Collection represents everything that is positive in fashion today, and a growing theme globally. Limited quantities of quality items, hand-made with care by local artisans who dictate their own working conditions. We are super excited at the opportunity to work with such a thoughtful design duo and to be launching FOUND. Collection on Equilibrio.

We visited Lisa in their Stellenbosch studio where we had the opportunity to shop (of course!) and find out a little more about this unique, proudly South African brand.



FOUND. Collection founders and BFFs, Lisa (seated) and Gitte (right)

Tell us a little more about your backgrounds and journey to FOUND. Collection

Gitte and I met years ago at a wedding in Bloemfontein and shared our respective dreams, only to realise we had the same dream! We worked as florists and event creators at OKASIE for many years and started FOUND. during these years. We inherited a love for fabric, textiles and craft from our wonderful mothers and we hope to pass that on to our daughters.

Are you self-taught or did you study fashion?

Self-taught. We developed our skills by pure ambition and creativity.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I would say the love for textiles firstly and secondly, the experience of “feeling beautiful” and loving an outfit.

FOUND. Collection is a very interesting name –  what’s the story behind the name?

We believe each woman should be FOUND in her unique God-given identity, and we believe our clothing is unique and exclusive, as is the woman who wears them.

What currently inspires your designs?

As a whole: Nature and femininity

In the moment: Texture combinations

What’s your favourite part about what you do?

Buying fabric and receiving the end product from our seamstresses. And I must say hearing the “cha – ching” sound when something sells online!

What do you consider the biggest challenges facing the local fashion industry today?

Man oh man! Reaching the market, the (struggling) economy, mass produced competition.



In keeping with the FOUND. Collection ethos, most of the items are made in very limited quantities, contributing to the brand’s air of exclusivity. You can now shop some of these gorgeous items here on Equilibrio.


The flow dress

The flow dress is a classic one-size dress that fits and flatters every figure. It can be worn lose, belted, with a plunging neck-line or more demurely. Wear it with sneakers or dress it up with a gorgeous jacket like the FOUND. Collection sequins jacket pictured below. In winter, you can layer it with a fitted turtle-neck, stockings or leggings and booties. Of course, Michelle and I both own one!


FOUND. Collection Flow Dress

1. Flow Dress, Black – R990 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Sequins Jacket, Black – R1600 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Structured leather belt – Black, R650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


Eye catching jackets and kimonos

Michelle and I recently wore the green floral linen jackets you see below to SAFW. They were a huge hit!  We’ve also both invested in a couple of the gorgeous FOUND. Collection kimono’s which come in a wonderful array of different fabrics, finishes and colours. Super comfortable and practical, these will brighten up any outfit.

FOUND. Collection

1. Linen Jacket, Green Floral – R1900 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Embroidered Kimono, Black – R1650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Silk Kimono, Burnt Orange – R1350 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


A classic midi wrap skirt

A wrap skirt is universally flattering and easy to wear. These wrap skirts look as good worn with a tee and sneakers as they do all dressed up. I also love that the FOUND. Collection design includes a belt loop to make sure that your wrap belt stays put.

FOUND. Collection

Left: Cotton Wrap Skirt, Black – R650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

Right: Sequins Wrap Skirt, Aqua – R1950 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


The perfect belt

Finding a simple fashion belt that’s easy to wear and versatile is not a simple task.  We were super excited to find exactly what we were looking for at FOUND. Collection.

FOUND. Collection

1. Soft tapered belt, black – R650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Soft plain belt, black – R650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Soft plain belt, rust – R650 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO



The FOUND. Collection has partnered with Love2Give, an organisation that creates income-earning opportunities through training and mentorship programmes. Love2Give offers sewing lessons in the township of Kayamandi, Stellenbosch for only R150 per month.  

Visit for more info or if you’d like to make a contribution to this worthy cause.






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