Get Into The Groove

Dedicated to our promise to explore new and different things, Equilibrio decided to try out a POUND class at Virgin Active. It sounded promising. Sweat, sculpt and rock in this 45-minute cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.” Basically “air guitar” for drums with booty busting moves!

I had watched the classes from the safety of an indoor bicycle, so I knew there would be some “dance choreography” involved. However, my spying had satisfied me that the “air drumming” toned down the potentially complex dance move sequences. This had been a bit of a concern for me because honestly, I lose focus, and eventually I end up lurching about like a drunk person on the dance floor at a wedding. Rocking out is just more suitable to my particular set of dance skills and is way easier to follow.



Ha ha HA! Having meticulously researched the timetable and selecting the ideal POUND class, thanks to me, we arrived to a GROOVE class. GROOVE basically means a DANCE class. Thoughts of running away entered my mind, but Michelle had rearranged an entire morning for us to be there so I had no way out.

The universe really does have an uncanny way of dishing out a healthy dose of Karma when we need reminding. Only last week I was making some snide remarks at the gym about how I don’t do dance classes because they’re not really a workout blah blah, big mouth. I pulled it together, determined to be an enthusiastic and focused participant of the class.


The GROOVE class reminded me that sometimes we just need to chill out. Take a breath, “Let it Go” (as Michelle prompted us in her anecdote posted on 23rd July here on Equilibrio), and have some fun. You don’t always have push yourself to breaking point. This class is about being present, feeling the music, being aware of your body and simply moving.

Short tracks (sometimes too short though) are played which inspire a “dance theme” from Hip-Hop and Michael Jackson’s Thriller to a slower paced, Spanish flamenco style number. The instructor provides theme-appropriate dance moves even I manage to keep up with (mostly), and then encourages everyone to inject these with their own energy. This allows for some pretty varied interpretations of basic moves which can make for a fun group experience. The sequences also included movements designed to give you a workout. I recall thinking during the Michael Jackson Thriller sequence that his dancers must have had really strong thighs (yes, I guess that’s obvious)! At the end of it, we’d worked up a pretty good sweat.


This class is all about finding a GROOVE and having fun. If you prefer greater structure and strength type group classes, perhaps this isn’t for you. But, if you really do want to relax and just “Shake It Off” then give this a try.

I have to add though; the instructor is EVERYTHING. Salome’s energy and bubbliness was infectious. As a first timer looking for some GROOVE class fun, I’d probably do a bit of research into the instructor to avoid disappointment.

In the words of one of my favourite 80’s dance tracks of all time (Brownie Points if you guess the title and artist):

“Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free

At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see

I’m tired of dancing here all by myself

Tonight I wanna dance with someone else”

If this appeals then go ahead and “Get Into the Groove” class fun!



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