Whether it’s for Trick or Treating or a more adult Halloween party, to me Halloween costumes should be about the scary undead, strange and creepy characters, and scary supernatural beings. Pretty mermaids or celebrity lookalikes, unless they’re serial killers, don’t really seem sufficiently Halloween-like to me.

I’ve selected five of my favourite creepy cinematic characters that will make for pretty cool, either stylish or scary, Halloween costumes and which aren’t too difficult to pull off. Along with the inspiration, I’ve also done a bit of research, aka online window shopping, to help you put your Halloween look together.



Halloween costumes

To me, Anjelica Huston is the definitive Morticia Addams. Her portrayal of the creepy, kooky but beautiful fictional character in the 1990’s,  is Gothic glamour perfection. Sleek black hair and luminescent alabaster skin are completed with dramatic eyes and blood red lips. The look is dressed in an all-black sheath and finished with perfectly manicured red claws for a beautifully elegant Halloween look. Bonus feature: your partner can go as the uber suave and stylish Gomez!

Recreate the look

halloween costumes

Wig: Black 26-inch (66cm) wig, R960. BUY

Dress: A trendy, summer friendly version of Morticia’s sleek look. City Goddess London Bardot lace maxi dress, R899. BUY

Shoes: Aleini black pump with V-cut detailing and a skinny heel, R1299. BUY

Nails: Elegant Touch After Dark Steel the Night Nails. These are already filed into shape and easy to apply or peel off. Includes glue and buffer. R99,95 at Clicks. BUY

To help you further with recreating Morticia’s look, here’s a useful makeup tutorial.



Magenta personifies the crazy screwballness of the iconic comedy horror, The Rocky Horror Picture show. Although she has a couple of costumes in the movie, it’s definitely the French maid’s outfit that stands out (and is the easiest to recreate as a Halloween costume).

Recreate the look

Evan Rachel Wood recreated the Magenta French maid look to perfection. You can too, with this lovely satin shirt dress (which you’ll get loads of wear out of after the party too). Pair it with a little white apron, fishnet stockings and a pair of booties like this cool lace-up pair from Zando. Finish your Magenta Halloween costume with crazy curly hair, big eye lashes, dramatic eye liner and lashings of red lipstick.

halloween costumes

Wig: Rocky Horror Magenta wig costume accessory with attached maid’s hat, R1105. BUY

False eyelashes: Eylure dramatic lash available at Dischem, R74,95. BUY

Shirt dress: iAM Pippa short sleeve black satin shirt dress with curved hemline, R550. BUY

Stockings: Fishnet thigh high lace top stockings, R65. BUY

Booties: Public Desire Zodiac black boot, R749. BUY



Halloween costumes

If you’ve seen The Ring you’ll be familiar with the terrifyingly menacing and relentless vengeful ghost of Samara. Hers is one of the simplest Halloween costumes to pull off. You basically only need a long black wig, white nightdress that you’re willing to get really dirty, and lots of white makeup.

Recreate the look

We’ve taken inspiration from the younger (and very much alive Samara) to put together the elements of our costume. Because we want to pull off the “dead Samara” look (pictured above), you then need to make the nightie and your stockings really dirty, like you’ve clawed your way out off a well then trundled through a muddy marsh.

Nightie: Claudia Moruzzi The Amanda night dress, R349. BUY

Wig: 75cm Long hair heat resistant straight cosplay black wig, R555. BUY

White tights: Falke white ladies’ ballet tights sheer to waist with lycra, R59. BUY

Shoes: Dolce Vita Prato pumps black, R299. BUY

The final step to putting this Halloween costume together is of course, the makeup. Follow this tutorial to get Samara’s stuck and died in the bottom of a well look.



In the 1980’s masterpiece, Blade Runner, Pris is a superhuman fugitive replicant created to be a “basic pleasure model”. Her frenzied acrobatic attack on Harrison Ford’s character, sent to hunt her down, is one of the most memorable moments in the movie. You can have a lot of Halloween fun with her crazy punk inspired look.

Recreate the look

This is another pretty easy look to pull off. Pair a body suit with a mesh top, all the rage right now, and some black shorts or glittery shorts like these gorgeous sequence ones.  Finish our Blade Runner Pris Halloween costume off with some interesting tights, slouchy boots or pumps and leg warmers.

Wig: Blonde anime cosplay costume wig, R1200. BUY

Choker: Jewels and Lace wrap choker, R69 BUY

Mesh top: Vintage Lover black mesh top, R250. BUY

Body suit: Vintage Lover shimmery black thin strap bodysuit with bra lining in the front, R350. BUY

Shorts: Silver black sequin shorts, R600. BUY

If you haven’t seen  it, you can check out the crazy fight scene with Harrison Ford here.



Halloween costumes

I must admit that I am not a fan of the horror movie sub-genre that the Saw movie franchise falls under. However, the movies did introduce us to another creepy “character” and potential Halloween costume, the menacing Billy the Puppet, mouthpiece of the Jigsaw Killer. The really great thing about this as a Halloween costume is that you could probably pull it off with items already in your (and hubby’s) closet. Then its just a matter of makeup (and perhaps a wig if you’re blonde like me.).



Recreate the look

Contact lenses: Bloody Red Crazy Daily Lenses 2 pack, R330. BUY

Jacket: Mango velvet detail blazer black, R1387 (marked down from R1849). BUY

Shirt: Mango classic long sleeve white shirt, R649. BUY

Bow tie: David Jones red bow tie & pocket square set, R199. BUY

Pants: Mango contrast trim trousers black, R699. BUY

Shoes: Soviet Viper low cut lace up canvas shoe red, R339. BUY


If none of these Halloween costumes appeal to you, check out our top scary movies picks here for more inspiration.

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