The long summer holidays are finally here and we can catch up on some good reading. Whether you’ll be digging your toes into the sand on a beach or gazing over a mountain view in the Drakensberg, one of these books will keep you company.


1. Left Neglected, Lisa Genova

Sarah leads a hectic life – demanding job, husband, three little children – when she is in a devastating car accident. The book follows Sarah’s journey back after a traumatic brain injury, as she regains her independence to find happiness and peace. This is by the same author as “Still Alice” (Julianne Moore’s Oscar winning movie role)


2. The Other Woman, Sandie Jones

Always a great source of book recommendations – Reese Witherspoon selected this for her book club. I enjoyed this thriller about a woman who falls in love with the perfect man but gains the mother-in-law from hell.


3. The Good Father, Noah Hawley

Devoted but distracted Dad, Paul Allen, is blindsided when his son is accused of shooting and killing a US senator and presidential candidate. Told from both Paul’s point of view, and his lost son’s, this emotional novel chronicles Paul’s desperate attempt to exonerate his son.


4. Lethal White, Robert Galbraith

If you haven’t read any of the Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling detective novels, this should be on your December list! Lethal White is the latest instalment, and also the longest and most complex of the series. Loved it! (The first one is called Cuckoo’s Calling, I suggest that they are read in order)


5. Traitor, Jonathan de Chalit

Slower than a usual moving thriller, I enjoyed this novel about double betrayal and the hunt for a traitor inside the Israeli government. Written under a pseudonym by high ranking Israeli intelligence officer it rings of authenticity.


6. The Queen of Hearts, Kimmery Martin

Beautiful cover notwithstanding, I really like this book by real life doctor Kimmery Martin about two doctors and a secret from their med school days which nearly drives them apart.


7. One Day in December, Josie Silver

An absolutely delicious holiday read! A little like the book version of Love Actually. I really enjoyed this sweet story set in London about love and friendship.


8. The Lost Carousel of Provence, Juliet Blackwell

A lovely book about love, friendship, the French Resistance and of course, Carousels! Told in two time periods this story about a young women searching for the history behind a historic carousel piece she was once gifted is a lovely holiday read.


9. A Spark of Light, Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult never shies away from controversial topics and in this book she tackles one of the most divisive issues in America – abortion. The plot is centered around a reproductive health (read: abortion) clinic in Mississippi which is held hostage by a violent gunman (make that two of the most controversial topics in America!). Told from various points of view – including the shooter – we understand the motivations of various characters as the author examines the issue from all angles.


10. The Birthday, Carol Wyer

A new police procedural series featuring Det. Natalie Ward. When a 5 year old girl goes missing from a children’s birthday party, local police reach a dead-end and the case is never solved. Two years later, her body is found and another little girl also goes missing and there seem to be a lot of links between the two cases. Can Natalie find a way to catch the killer before more lives are lost?


We hope you enjoy your holiday reading. Let us know if you read and enjoyed any of these books in the comments section below.


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