Isabel de Villiers Summer 2019 celebrates women

A proudly South African fashion brand, Isabel de Villiers has established itself as a label that loves to dress the diverse shapes and sizes of women. Isabel has an unwavering commitment to promoting a body-positive message. Her minimalist designs are focused on flattering the female form, catering for a wide range of sizes from a size 32 to a 48. The Isabel de Villiers summer 2019 collection, Reflections is no different. The collection is a combination of new styles and reworked studio favourites that have gathered a loyal following. The Laser Cut pieces and easy-to-wear cocoon dresses have become a signature and staple of the brand. 

Isabel de villiers Summer 2019 Cocoon dress

We’re also seeing linen making its way into her summer collections. However, Isabel has her own unique take on linen, creating elegant ruffled and frilled feminine silhouettes in darker colours that flatter curves. It’s quite contradictory to the summer linen styles we’re used to seeing that tend to focus on light colours in floaty styles. We love that Isabel has stepped out and created her own take on the summer linen dress.

We’ve also come to expect an exclusive print to tell the story behind her inspiration for each new collection. This season brings us the IdV Wonder Women print. We chatted to Isabel about the inspiration behind her 2019 summer collection and this season’s unique Wonder Women print.


A print inspired by fierce females

The Isabel de Villiers summer 2019 collection is “fueled by inspirational women, from poets to athletes and everyone in between. Women are making a mark on our modern world with impact and grace. They are changing the game for generations to follow.”

Isabel says she wanted to celebrate her “favourite fierce females” by featuring them on her exclusive, limited edition summer 2019 print. “The fabric symbolises a superwoman cape” says Isabel, “once you wear the print you can achieve anything! It’s meant to transform and inspire women to continue to lead the way, pursue their dreams fearlessly and live their best life.”

Wonder Women Isabel de Villiers

Isabel adds, “Our summer 2019 collection represents the natural instinct of a woman with shades of rust, charcoal and grey. This is contrasted with a bright mint and coral to symbolise our strength and power.”



We’re sharing some style tips and inspiration on how we’ll be wearing Isabel this summer. You can however, browse and shop the full collection now available on Equilibrio here. SHOP IdV ON EQUILIBRIO


The IdV Wonder Women collection

The Wonder Women print comes in 3 popular Isabel de Villiers styles, including the much-loved cocoon dress, and 2 colours, charcoal and rust. We’re pairing these earthy colours with bright, statement pieces of jewellery. Much loved South African jewellery brand, Pichulik, which also celebrates the bravery and beauty of women is undoubtedly the perfect match for this collection!


The versatile boxy top and culottes

Isabel de Villiers repeats the boxy top and culottes combo season after season for a reason. Worn together it makes the cutest mock jumpsuit but the pieces can also be worn as separates for different looks depending on your mood and what you’re up to. This season the print is also on the most comfortable, non-crease Bon Bon fabric which adds to the comfort and ease of the collection.

IdV Wonder Women Collection

1. Pichulik Magi Earrings, Red – R840 BUY ON PICHULIK

2. Pichulik Catherina’s Ruff necklace – R1,600 BUY ON PICHULIK

3. Pichulik Capri Earrings, Blue – R470 BUY ON PICHULIK

4. Good Hemp Shirt, White – R580 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. IdV Wonder Women Top, Charcoal R600 – R800 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

6. IdV Wonder Women Culottes, Charcoal R900 – R1,000 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

7. Smudj Wembly Trouser, Black – R729 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

8. Adidas Originals Stan Smith Shoes – R1,399 BUY ON ZANDO

9. Saint & Summer Lure Sandals, Black – R799 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

10. Castelo Marisol Y Sandal, Yellow – R1,499 BUY ON CASTELO


The easy-to-wear cocoon dress

Another signature style which has become synonymous with Isabel de Villiers, the cocoon dress is so easy to wear and versatile. Pair your cocoon dress with sneakers for a casual on-the-run look like Michelle here, or throw on some heels for a more dressed up style.

Cocoon dress

1. Pichulik The Fowler pendant, Dynamic Orange – R1,100 BUY ON PICHULIK

2. IdV Wonder Women Cocoon Dress, Charcoal – R1,300 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. KLUK CGDT x Chommies The Clutch, Black – R6,000 BUY ON CHOMMIES

4. Castelo Freja Block Heel Sandals, Tan – R2,350 BUY ON CASTELO


The maxi wrap dress

This season Isabel has added a flirty maxi wrap dress to her collection. We love the full skirt that you can move about freely in without risking flashing any undies. We’ve styled the rust maxi wrap dress largely the same as the charcoal cocoon dress to show how interchangeable the colours can be styled.

Isabel de Villiers Summer 2019

1. Pichulik Tefnut earrings, Black – R1,570 BUY ON PICHULIK

2. IdV Wonder Women Maxi Wrap Dress, Rust – R2,000 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Pichulik Mel Bracelet, Green – R250 BUY ON PICHULIK

4. KLUK CGDT x Chommies The Clutch, Black – R6,000 BUY ON CHOMMIES

5. Castelo Freja Block Heel Sandals, Tan – R2,350 BUY ON CASTELO


The signature laser cut dresses

The laser cut collection also features the rust and charcoal which is the core of the Isabel de Villiers Summer 2019 collection. Then, as a distinct nod to the season, Isabel has injected a bright pink and lovely mint for a burst of summer colour. All 4 styles in the collection come in all 4 colours. While we’re loving heels with these styles, they look just as great with flats or sneakers as worn by Isabel. While tan accessories work well with all these colours, don’t be afraid to add additional pops of colour.

Isabel De Villiers Summer 2019

1. Isabel de Villiers Laser Cut Asymmetrical Dress, Charcoal R1,600 – R1,700 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Isabel de Villiers Laser Cut Kaftan Dress, Pink R1,600 – R2,000 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

3. Pichulik Aventurina Earrings, Beige – R 470 BUY ON PICHULIK

4. Isabel de Villiers Laser Cut Maxi Dress, Mint R2,000 – R2,500 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

5. Pichulik Abalone Earrings – R1,420 BUY ON PICHULIK

6. Isabel de Villiers Laser Cut Midi Dress, Rust R1,900 – R2,400 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

7. Pichulik Sacred Knot Bracelet, Beige – R400 BUY ON PICHULIK

8. Castelo Gemma Blue – R2,350 BUY ON CASTELO

9. Aldo Galilisa Heel, Bone – R1,399 BUY ON ALDO

10. Aldo Blanchette, Light Brown – R1,199 BUY ON ALDO

11. Aldo Febriclya – R1,499 BUY ON ALDO


Feminine linen silhouettes

Isabel’s unique take on the summer linen dress is elegantly flirty and fun…and has pockets!

Linen dress

1. Isabel de Villiers Linen Twirl Dress, Black R1,200-R1,300 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO

2. Isabel de Villiers Linen Frill Dress, Charcoal R1,250-R1,450 BUY ON EQUILIBRIO


Browse and shop the full Isabel de Villiers Summer 2019 Collection on Equilibrio here. SHOP IdV ON EQUILIBRIO




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