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After last week’s post about the new Levi’s Made & Crafted® collection and the launch of the new, revamped Sandton store, we were inspired to share some of our favourite jeans trends of 2019. Gone are the days were it’s skinny or nothing. Skinny jeans will forever remain in our closet, but we’ve happily made room for some other variations. Here are Equilibrio’s current favourites:



Leading the way in the jeans trends of 2019 is the “Dad Jean”.  These jeans and variations of them are generally not stretchy, fit over the belly button and have a straight sometimes cropped leg. These jeans look great with a tucked-in top, ankle boots and sandals. 

jeans trends in 2019

Top left: Diesel Aryell jean, R3299  BUY ON SUPERBALIST

Bottom left: Levi’s Dad Jeans, R999 (currently only available instore)

Middle: H&M wide-leg jeans (currently only available instore)

Right: G-Star Midge Saddle Boyfriend Jeans, R3199, BUY ON G-STAR



This trend can be extremely flattering with the right pair of jeans. These jeans have a sporty-looking ribbon or darker colour down the side of the leg that can be very slimming. It also adds a little something extra to our jeans collection. 

jeans trends for 2019

Top left: Sissy Boy, Axel skinny with rips and side tape, blue, R1299 BUY ON SUPERBALIST

Bottom left: Mother, The Straight Shaker Ankle Jeans 

Middle: Mango, Relaxed jean with side stripe, R699 BUY ON SUPERBALIST

Right: Jacqueline de Yong, Celia high waisted panel cropped jeans, R549 BUY ON SUPERBALIST



We’ve lumped a few micro-trends into this section. This trend has jeans mimicking trousers with details like self-tie belts and pleats on the front. We love these slightly “grownup” and formal jeans trends in 2019, it makes it easier to wear jeans to a more formal occasion or work. Pair these with a tee or button-down shirt and blazer and you’re ready to go. 

Jeans trends in 2019

Top left: Levi’s Ribcage Pleated Cropped Jeans, R1299 BUY ON LEVI’S

Bottom left: Levis Made and Crafted Tie Trouser (currently only available instore)

Bottom middle: Mango Baggy Regina Jeans, R699 BUY ON MANGO

Right: Mango High Waist Acid Jeans, R949 BUY ON MANGO



One of our favourite-favourite jeans trends of 2019 is the wide-leg cropped style. Many of these jeans have a culotte cut which is extremely flattering, particularly on pear-shaped women. Balance your shape with this cropped, flared style. It is usually worn more casual with tees and slides but can also be dressed up during cooler days with boots and a button-down blouse. 

Jeans trends in 2019

Top left: Superbalist Soft Denim Pant with tie belt, R499 BUY ON SUPERBALIST

Bottom left and middle: Mango Relaxed Culotte, R599 BUY ON MANGO

Right: G-Star Spiraq 3D High Waist Culotte, R3199 BUY ON G-STAR



So we’re spoilt for choice with the jeans trends of 2019. How refreshing! If you’re curious about the rest of the trends that will be emerging this coming summer, check out our trends post from SA Fashion Week, here



  1. Tanya Mey

    September 3, 2019

    Really enjoyed this blog post! I’m getting a bit tired of wearing just skinny jeans and it’s so nice to see some new, fun and refreshing looks. I love the belt tie version and cropped wide leg the most

    Thank you ?

    • Michelle Doyle

      September 3, 2019

      Hey Tanya! We’re so glad you enjoyed the post. And yes, how fantastic that we can wear something different for a change. Skinnies are great but the other styles are great alternatives.
      Thank you so much for the feedback.

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