We are having a bit of a love affair with Dermalogica right now. On waking, Michelle and I text each other gushing over the amazing results we’re seeing from our Dermalogica regimen. We then go through a list of products we’re dying to try or have merely sampled and simply “must have”. It’s an expensive addiction.

Michelle has been a long-time devotee of Dermalogica and has often included her “favourites” in beauty posts.  As part of our constant search for great “conscious” skincare products that really work, I’ve tried, tested and loved a couple of Dermalogica’s products. I appreciate their scientific approach to skincare. They are constantly investing in R&D, improving their product formulations and coming out with new products and innovative technologies. When I learned about their cruelty-free status and commitment to sustainability, it was a no-brainer. I knew I had to see what all the fuss was about.

So, when we were invited to a new product launch at the Dermalogica Concept Store in Sandton, I decided it was finally time to do a complete Dermalogica overhaul of my skincare routine.



Dermalogica is cruelty free

Dermalogica is recognised as cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.  Their product formulas are free of artificial colors and fragrances, mineral oil, lanolin, S.D. alcohol, parabens and microplastics. By the end of 2020, 90% of their packaging will be recyclable or bio-degradable. Much of their packaging is already sustainable. Going forward, all paper and cartons Dermalogica uses are FSC certified to be sustainable for forests.



Dermalogica Face MappingDermalogica has an extensive product range for all kinds of skin types, problems and “skin goals”. So, where to start? How do you choose what’s right for you?  If you want to see the best results, you need to invest in products designed to address your specific skincare concerns.

Enter “Face Mapping®”, a Dermalogica signature service offered to customers for free.  It’s super quick and involves a short questionnaire about your current skincare routine and products you’re using. Then a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist closely examines your skin. They divide the face and neck into fourteen zones. Each zone is examined to look for any issues such as congestion, breakouts, dehydration, and/or hyperpigmentation.

It really is worth taking the 10-15 minutes the questionnaire and examination takes. Once you’re done, the therapist makes product recommendations that are best suited to your skin type and to address any issues picked up during the examination. They conveniently follow-up with an email to outline their suggested skincare regimen, the products they suggest you use and how to use them. Super useful!

If you don’t have time to go into a Dermalogica store to have this done, you can even do it online. All you’ll need is a selfie. Check it out here.



I currently have issues with some dehydration. My skin isn’t retaining enough moisture and I also have some areas of pigmentation. Then I naturally also want products that are anti-ageing, and can help improve overall skin tone and brightness. The recommendations made by the therapist were built around some of my favourite non-Dermalogica products that I still have stock of. This is what it looks like.


In the morning

Clean: Special Cleansing Gel – foam it up before you apply on your skin

Tone: Sprits Multi Active Toner all over your face

Eye cream: Multivitamin Power Firm

Moisturise: Prisma Protect SPF30 or Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50


In the evening

1st Clean: Precleanse – apply on dry hands to dry face & add water

2nd Clean: Special Cleansing Gel – foam it up before applying on your skin

Treat: 0.5% Overnight Retinol – mix your buffing cream with retinol & apply avoiding the eye area

Eye Cream: Age Reversal Eye Complex  – mix your eye cream with your buffing cream to dilute the product until you feel comfortable with it then use on its own

Moisturise: Super Rich Repair

Before bed: Apply your Sound Sleep Cocoon 30 minutes before going to bed



Needless to say, as we started going through the products and their benefits, my shopping list grew. Budget restrictions didn’t permit me to purchase everything, so the therapist sent me off with samples of some of the products recommended. These are the products that I did purchase, and sample, and am loving. I have seen a real difference in my skin. I think it’s a combination of using the RIGHT products and the fact that the Dermalogica products actually work! The products aren’t cheap so it really is advisable to get professional input about what products would be best for you.



Dermalogica Cleansers

Left: Special Cleansing Gel, 250ml – R629 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

This is a soap-free foaming gel cleanser that’s great for using in the evening to remove makeup and dirt after a long day. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight and dry.

Right: Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, 150ml – R779 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

This is a WOW product! A 2-in-1 cleanser that also contains lactic acid to exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling amazingly smooth. We like to use this in the morning to refresh and prep the skin for optimal penetration of the rest of our products.


Night treatment

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

Overnight Retinol Repair, 30ml – R1599 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

This is an overnight treatment to help with skin renewal, improve skin tone and help with discolouration like my pigmentation. I swear I saw a difference after only the first night I used this! Because this is a highly active form of Retinol, it comes with a buffer cream to help acclimatise your skin.


Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Sound Sleep Cocoon, 50ml – R1399 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

Michelle and I have adored this product since we were introduced to it in May last year. It’s the final layer in our nighttime skincare regimen. It helps the overnight recovery process and helps trap moisture in the skin. Lavender essential oil, plus sandalwood and patchouli, help promote a deep, restful sleep for  fresher looking skin in the morning. You can read our full review here.


For the eyes

Dermalogica Eye Treatments

Left: Multivitamin Power Firm, 15ml – R949 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

This product is wonderful! It glides onto the skin and has a gorgeous silky finish, filling in all those nasty little crinkles and crevasses. It’s great under makeup so is the perfect day eye cream.

Right: Age Reversal Eye Complex, 15ml – R1079 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

My night-time eye treatment , this is also a highly active retinol product that targets fine lines around the eyes. It also helps with dark circles which I constantly struggle with.


Moisturise and protect

Dermalogica Moisturisers

Left: Super Rich Repair, 50ml – R1379 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

As the name implies, this is a wonderfully rich moistuiser that felt like it almost immediately replenished and rehydrated my thirsty skin. I use this at night and even sometimes during the day when I feel my skin needs a little extra hydration.

Right: Prisma Protect SPF30, 50ml – R1099 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

A new release, this moisturises and protects the skin while promoting radiance. We’re busy testing this out thoroughly, expect a full review soon!


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A SPONSORED POST (Michelle and I both spent an entire month’s shopping allowance on our latest trip to the Dermalogica Concept Store in Sandton.)


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