Oh no! A missed alarm. You were up until 11pm working, reading or Netflixing, and it has resulted in a morning monster. The chaos starts when you leap straight out of bed, still wearing your pyjama socks, flannels and your hoodie, dashing headfirst and tripping on a cat/child’s toy/your handbag you dumped on the floor when you got home.

moring routine

When you’ve finished cramming half a piece of toast in your mouth, narrowly missing a coffee spill on your white shirt, you’re out the door and into the traffic, muttering mean thoughts about the man driving next to you.

The extra ten minutes you used up the night before is taken from your morning, taking time away from morning calm and forcing a mad bull run to the office.



Have we really lost ourselves in the folly that modernity brings? I feel some days as if I’ve forgotten how to prep and polish. The grind has taken over my grooming.

After a long wardrobe cleanout, an overhaul of my make-up and my morning routine, I figured how I can still walk into work feeling confident, groomed and courageous.

Preparing oneself is no longer about “doing it the night before” or cooking on Sundays for the week ahead. It’s about being conscious about adapting your lifestyle, time management and mental space to ensure that pyjama mornings are limited to a few – per month, not per week.



Being conscious of yourself and your time can be one of many things. There is no prescription as to how to manage your life more effectively and making the most of every second. Of course, you’re going to finish that last page, episode or paragraph. There will be evenings spent with friends and family which mean you go to bed at 1am.

Here are a few changes I made to make sure I stayed away from disaster management in the morning:

1) Wardrobe cleanout! One of the best tips I’ve ever received was to throw out one item for every new one you buy. This helps me keep track of what’s in my wardrobe, which basics are easily put together and what I can envision wearing in a flash (saving time, every time).

morning routine

2) Cut down the number of pretty eyeshadow palettes, stacks of lip-glosses and multiple highlighters. You are not going to use them in time. Find a basic 5-minute routine that works for you and a slightly longer one for when you have time to play.

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3) Instant food or canteen food is not your friend. Take 10 minutes to make yourself oats, boiled eggs or grab fruit in the mornings. It’s on your kitchen counter and it will keep you fuller for longer. If you have the wherewithal to make yourself a smoothie, all the better for you.

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4) Beauty blitz at your salon of choice. Try not to go to 5 different salons for hair, nails, facials and feet. It takes up time in the week and adds to stress breakouts. Find a spot that you love that will take care of you in two hours, once a month.

morning routine

A few more minutes saved means more time for you, your kids and your Netflix. No more morning yetis, spilled coffee on your blouse and lipstick on your teeth (no one will point it out because they’re being too polite).


About the author:

Erica is a Johannesburg based writer, poet and researcher with a penchant for pin-up, pretty dresses and quirky pictures. In union hours, she works in the public health sector.


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