Bang! Not since our October ’17 post has there been enough great music releases in a single month to justify splitting the review into two parts. But March 2019 has proven to be amazing for new music. So we have chosen our 8 favourite new albums for the month and split them over two weeks for your listening pleasure, plus a further bonus track will get tacked on to each week. Oh, and we bring you an old favourite from a recently-passed genius next week. Part 1 is an all-girl affair. Listen to the tracks at the end of the post or download or stream these songs this month…



Song: The Island

From album: Ladytron

Ladytron are named after a Roxy Music song from 1972. This was not the tepid, adult crooner version of Roxy Music currently being peddled by Bryan Ferry though. This was the shock-glam Roxy from the height of their Ferry + Eno period. A time when man-mascara and synths still had the power to surprise. Ladytron have had an 8 year absence, and thank goodness they’re back. Their icy dystopian themes are even more relevant today. Lead single The Island describes the disturbing reality that even in a place of technological sheen and architectural perfection, our basic nature still places us on an inevitable path to demise. An ‘ode’ then to our baser instincts.

(Also download or stream from the album: Far From Home, Deadzone, The Animals)



Cherry Glazerr

Song: Daddi

From album: Stuffed & Ready

The quiet/loud dynamic was massive in the rock music scene in the 90s. Think of bands such as The Pixies and Nirvana. As is generally the case with all ‘hip’ trends though, once the style became mainstream it was rapidly shunned and relegated to the trashcan of last year. Nowadays however, the approach is experiencing a bit of a rebirth, mostly coming to us by way of female fronted bands. Quieter verses allow for sweet, melodic passages, while gnarly anger crashes in via the almighty din of the choruses. In this instance the person responsible for this beautiful noise is California’s Clementine Creevy. Only 22, she has already delivered 3 albums as Cherry Glazerr, including latest offering Stuffed & Ready. Daddi is the S&M-leaning lead single.

(Also download or stream from the album: Juicy Socks, Isolation, Self Explained)


Jessica Pratt

Song: This Time Around

From album: Quiet Signs

Transportive is a word used to describe something that takes you elsewhere. Whether a different geography, a different time or just simply a different corner of your mind. Jessica Pratt’s music does all of these things. Her sepia-toned backing (basically acoustic guitar and little else) is from some simpler time in the past. The tone of her unique and wonderful voice (produced at great effort by Pratt forcing the air from her throat) brings to mind the quieter corners of the city, or a sunny Sunday afternoon. The melodies inspire a warm, melancholy. Quiet Signs is her 3rd album, after originally having been discovered by Tim Presley, lead singer of White Fence, 10 years ago playing small coffee shops in ‘A Star Is Born’-like narrative.  Much like Lady Gaga’s character in the movie, Pratt finds herself going from strength to strength, by now easily eclipsing her more obscure mentor.

(Also download or stream from the album: Poly Blue, Fare Thee Well, Crossing)



Du Blonde

Song: Buddy

From album: Lung Bread For Daddy

Anxiety remains a difficult mental condition to diagnose and treat. A person who appears outwardly OK and often otherwise fully functional, can suffer from debilitating spells, with death a seeming certainty (at least in the mind of the sufferer). In 2013, only one album into her career, Beth Jeans Houghton fell headlong into this dark pit. In common with many sufferers, psychiatry and drugs proved useless and only transcendental meditation helped her to control her mind. After TM brought her symptoms under control, Houghton went solo, started performing under the name Du Blonde and released 2 albums of exciting 60s garage rock. Her lyrical themes often flip between the impact of her mental trials and a string of disastrous short-term relationships. While her deep, sonorous voice might otherwise place her in the US West Coast bracket, surprisingly she hails from Newcastle, England.

(Also download or stream from the album: Angel, Holiday Resort, Days Like These)



Bonus track:

Charlotte Adigéry

Song: High Lights (from Zandoli EP)

There can’t be that many tunes out there detailing an addiction to artificial wigs right? If there are, the chances of them also being paired with absolutely fun minimalist synth-pop are probably zero. Somehow the Belgian-Carribean artist Charlotte Adigéry pulls this off with aplomb. This month’s put-a-smile-on track.



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