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Purifying Black Peel-Off Masks are the latest “magical” beauty product sensation sweeping the internet. Videos of people grimacing and tearing up as they rip (“peel”) the dry mask from their faces are everywhere. The reviews on the effectiveness of these products have however been mixed, varying widely from being described as a wonder product, to a total waste of money.

I have a combination skin and am prone to some blackheads in the usual T-Zone. I’ve generally used a steam, cleanse and moisturize routine to keep the area looking clear.  When I heard about this new fad, of course I had to try it for myself. I have used Pore Cleaning Strips occasionally in the past, so was especially curious to see how this black peel-off mask compared.

Note that there are dozens of these masks suddenly flooding the market. I tried the NEUTRIHERBS Blackhead Removal Peel-Off Mask because I stumbled across it during my morning browse of online shopping offers. I did however, do a quick online search of reviews of the product before placing my order.

In a nutshell, my cursory search produced reviews that seemed promising. After confirming that Neutriherbs does not test their products on animals and that the products use only vegetable derived ingredients, I placed my order.



To prepare, I had a shower first to clean my skin and ensure the pores were open. I had read several comments to negative reviews, accusing testers of not preparing their skin properly before applying the mask.

After my shower, I applied the mask making sure to limit the application to the T-Zone, staying away from sensitive skin as indicated on the product packaging.  15-minutes later, I was gently coaxing the now sort of rubbery, mask off. Yikes! It really does stick to the skin! So much so that my skin reddened immediately and stayed inflamed for some time. I have to add a caveat to this: I have very sensitive skin.



peel-off mask

Initial verdict: I’m not convinced. While I saw some residue on the freshly peeled mask, I’m not sure that most of it wasn’t simply the top layer of my skin.

Post treatment, I didn’t experience any noticeable tightening of the pores. What I did notice a couple of days later, was that the skin where I had applied the mask, was unusually patchy and dry. This despite my religious use of serums, moisturizer and treatments.

As I sit here writing this post, I am largely undecided as to what my final verdict would be. Therefore, I’m now writing with a black nose! I thought I’d try it again – limiting the application to the nose. I’ll let you know the outcome on my follow-up test in about 5 minutes…

OK, I’m back, sporting a great big red nose and with pretty much the same result. I could only see fine hairs and a light residue on the peeled mask.

Final verdict: I will not be using this product again. In fact, I’m really not sure that it’s advisable to use these peel-off masks on one’s skin at all – especially ageing skin.



After further research, the consensus is that one should rather steer clear of these products. They seem to be a very aggressive method to strip off a surface layer of the skin. Extreme exfoliation if you like.

Skincare experts are warning that these products could in fact be damaging to the skin by removing natural vital oils, and can contribute to clogged pores. To make matters worse, they aren’t effective at removing blackheads. At best, they only remove the tops of blackheads while getting rid of the pore’s protection from bacteria. The good news is that, according to the experts, the skin will repair itself, replacing the vital oils and necessary sebaceous filaments you ripped out within 30 days.

peel-off mask

Good skin requires daily TLC and a regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising, using acids to gently exfoliate is essential. In addition, regularly getting a good night’s sleep and clean eating will go a long way to promoting a healthy skin.

I’m done with using Purifying Peel-Off Masks and Pore Cleansing Strips. Instead, I’ll be nicer to my skin and continue to use gentler ways to maintain a clear complexion.

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