If you’ve been following Equilibrio for a while you’ll know that we’re always looking for new fitness adventures. So, as soon as I learnt that one of our favourite fitness studios in Johannesburg, MyPilates,  had bought some rebounders (mini-trampolines), and were now offering a Rebound class, I booked a spot.


The aim of “rebounding” (i.e. bouncing and exercising on your mini-trampoline) isn’t to bounce too high. You’re not trying to be a gymnast. You use smaller, controlled movements to defy gravity and work your entire body and cardiovascular system. Rebound uses the forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity to strengthen every cell in the body while flushing the lymphatic system without jarring the joints. Generally, a Rebound workout will combine plyometrics (albeit it in a more benign and manageable fashion), cardio training and barre support work.



The MyPilates class combines traditional Pilates and Bootybarre principles with Rebound exercises to create a low impact, full-body, cardio and core workout. Their “Tramp Barre” class involves bouncing on your rebounder, while doing a series of exercises, sometimes with very light weights to increase intensity. They also mix it up by using the barre and resistance bands.

My Pilates rebound

The class started off with a gentle warm-up of heel lifts, light bouncing and jogging, to acclimatise to the rebounder. We then moved onto exercises involving more energetic bouncing and compound moves like star jumps and shoulder strength exercises using light weights. Bouncing with arms extended and weights in hand is not only a great upper body workout, but it’s also great for your core stabilisation strength.

The instructor then had us down on the rebounder using resistance bands to do a series of lower body and core strength moves. Who knew bouncing on your butt on a mini-trampoline could be so hard! Finally, we finished off with more standing bounding moves and some stretching to complete the fun 45-minute workout.

I loved the workout! It was loads of fun and I left the studio with a great big smile on my face. I enjoyed it so much that I made a booking for the following week to secure one of the six available spots.

This video will give you an idea of what to expect.



You don’t need any special kit but, for obvious reasons, I do advise wearing a high impact, sports bra. It’s also best to wear tight fitting gym gear so you don’t have anything flapping about. You can rebound in your sneakers or a pair of “sticky socks” like those pictured below. I opted to purchase a pair of socks from MyPilates because I felt that my feet and ankles would get a better workout on the rebounder. They’re also useful for Barre and Pilates workouts.

rebound socks



Rebound has been around for a VERY long time (the first rebounders were created in 1938). Apparently Rebound classes were HUGE in the 80’s (think big hair, bright colours and bouncing!). Even NASA was in on the craze, using rebounding on astronauts returning from space to regain bone density and muscle mass with significantly less pressure on their joints (than they would have on the traditionally used treadmill).

The Benefits Of Rebound:

Without boring you with scientific detail (as confirmed by NASA no less), here are some of the most notable benefits of rebounding that make it a truly worthwhile workout.

Firstly, its easy on the joints.

It boosts lymphatic drainage, detoxifying the whole body and stimulating immune function.

Rebounding is more effective than running, without the impact stress on the ankle and knee. 20 Minutes of vigorous bouncing has the same value as 60 minutes of running.

As mentioned, rebounding increases bone and muscle density via the triple G-Force (gravity, acceleration and deceleration) of each bounce.

Rebounding tones and firms the whole body, increasing lean muscle mass.

It helps improve digestion and balance.

Rebounding helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy.

Finally, rebounding is fun and makes you happy! Rebound



Currently, MyPilates in Dunkeld, Johannesburg only offers their Rebound class at 9am on Thursdays at a cost of R150 per class. Contact them by telephone on +2784 580 5284 or by e-mail at [email protected] for further enquiries or to book a class.

You can also find more Rebound classes in Johannesburg at The Body Workshop. They have two studios, one in Craighall (find their contact details and timetable here) and another in Boskruin (find their contact details and timetable here).

For more classes near you, try contacting http://reboundsa.co.za/.



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