Review – Valdo the prettiest bubbly by far

In winter, most of us gravitate towards red wine as our drink of choice (more red wine reviews to come), it is comforting and goes well with moreish winter food. But on occasion a glass of bubbly is in order. My good friend Martin Pienaar, owner of Dry Dock Liquor Merchants in Parkhurst, Johannesburg introduced me to Valdo, an Italian bubbly producer.  Valdo produces an array of dry Prosecco and sparkling wines.  The Valdo Floral Edition Rosé Brut pictured here is my absolute favourite from the range.  It is a wonderfully pretty aperitif at a girls’ lunch or a sophisticated toot for moms at a kids’ party.  The rosé is a softly sparkling, strawberries and cream style wine. For the boys who don’t drink pink drinks, perhaps get the biscuity, extra dry Prosecco in simpler packaging.  It also comes in a mini 200ml size which is great for a picnic or times when you don’t want to open an entire 750ml bottle. Pop into Dry Dock Liquor or contact them directly for delivery to your door.


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