Six Fashion and Beauty Trends that Men Hate

 Before we get onto the list, PLEASE remember that we don’t dress or do make-up for men, we do it for us!  So, if you really enjoy wearing or doing something on this list, by all means, keep doing it.  Don’t let anyone stop you.

#1:  Over the top make-up

The men I spoke to say they like women to look natural, and although a night out sometimes calls for gorgeous red lips or a smoky eye, generally they don’t like too many colours on our faces. This also goes for foundation, eyebrows and eyelashes, don’t overdo it. 

#2:  Long nails and nail art

Men say they find very long nails a little scary, and nail art ridiculous.  Once again, they prefer something more natural-looking like a light pink paint or a French manicure on shorter nails.

#3: Orange skin

Self-tan is a good way of saving your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A slightly sun kissed colour is lovely for the beach but over-doing the bronzer and self-tanner just looks strange.

#4: Gladiator sandals

This trend came up disliked again and again.

#5: Senseless fashion

This includes an array of items like open-toe boots, (I have at least two pairs which I’ll continue to wear!), batwing clothing and tops with shoulder holes. 


#6:  Rainbow hair

Pastel hair is a massive trend at the moment (to read our post on this and other hair trends click here). Men say it looks best on a My Little Pony!

So there they are – use it, don’t use it.

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