Review – Skincare that’s animal-, environmentally-, and human friendly

We often forget that we expose ourselves to harmful toxins in the skincare and haircare products we use daily.  As importantly, we forget how the manufacture of these harmful products negatively impacts the planet and its creatures.  Finding products that are animal-, environmentally-, and human friendly while also actually being effective is not always an easy task.

For these reasons, I was SUPER (woohoo!) excited to be introduced to SKOON., a South African brand of skincare products with impressive ethical credentials. The products are locally made using a combination of organic & natural, high-quality ingredients which are all rated “non-toxic”.  The necessary preservatives they use are gentle and their plastic packaging is BPA free. They also have some vegan products. All the boxes ticked, the next step was to spend some cash on products I wanted to try out.

Skoon skincare


I thought I’d start with the Gel-To-Milk cleanser and make-up remover together with the SKOON. muslin facecloth. (According to SKOON., muslin is the “oldest beauty trick in the book” which cleans and lightly exfoliates.) The cleanser comes out in a velvety gel-like consistency that you gently massage into your skin before you add some warm water which transforms it into a non-oily, cleansing milk. Massage a little more then use the muslin cloth to wipe away the milk and whatever make-up might be lingering. I love! My face is left clean without feeling horribly dehydrated or appearing harshly reddened.  The muslin cloth is a revelation. This WILL be making its way into gift bags for friends!

Get the SKOON. Gel-to-Milk Cleanser & Make-Up Remover BUY

Get the SKOON. Muslin Face Cloth BUY



Next, I needed a serum because our face always needs a little extra TLC, especially during our harsh Jozi winters. I chose the pretty rose-gold coloured “Rosehip C+ concentrate” because it is a Vitamin C rich serum which promises to help with sun-damage and anti-ageing. It’s wonderful for winter skin! I apply a couple of drops directly to my face. It moisturises and immediately brightens my skin giving it a gorgeous glow! A couple of drops of this liquid gold go a long way so this will last me quite a while. A great value product!

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Finally, I decided to try their “dream cream”, the “Retinin Resurfacing Moisturiser” to be used at night to “provide micro-relief for skin texture and refine clarity.” It’s not too heavy or very creamy and absorbs so easily. I apply some after the serum at night and my skin feels fabulously supple and well-nourished without feeling all gooey.

The really smart and observant people at SKOON. noticed that I had not ordered a moisturiser to use during the day so they sent me a tester of “The One”.  They call it their “Super Moisturiser” – probably because its packed with anti-oxidants. It absorbs easily, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and I love the smell. Which reminds me – I haven’t mentioned that the products aren’t heavily, unnaturally fragranced. Another reason I am really enjoying this skincare range.

Get the SKOON. Retinin Resurfacing Moisturiser BUY

Get the SKOON. The One Super Moisturiser BUY

SKOON skincare

I respect what this company is doing and believe they have a really great product. I can confidently recommend you try the SKOON.skincare range. They even provide guidance on their website for you to shop by your particular skincare concern. I’m going online to order “The One” now. I also need to find an eye cream……

Find more of their products at Faithful to Nature, here.


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