The fact that we have endured yet another one of South Africa’s grueling winters calls for a celebration on its own. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with some bubbly, champagne cocktails to be exact?

Spring symbolises the arrival of all things new.  The bounty of fresh flavours synonymous with the season means that there is no better time to experiment. Over the weekend, things got rather festive as I tried my hand at mixology. I embarked on a sensorial journey as I incorporated my favourite springtime flavours with one of my favourite alcohols. Forget about the allergies (and the fact that you now need to shave your legs) and start reveling in the joy that is spring. To help you do so, here is a list of four champagne cocktails that can replace your regular mimosa so that you will feel extra festive this spring.


Ginger Kombucha Kick

Rich with earthy undertones, this champagne cocktail will make you feel as if you are reconnecting with mother nature – just in time for spring. The renowned pairing of ginger and fig is perfection to the sophisticated palate and would go wonderfully with a cheese and pastry board. At first, I was unsure about mixing ginger flavoured Kombucha (aka fermented tea) with champagne. However, knowing that Kombucha is loaded with healthy gut bacteria, I gave this a try. The rest is history.

Recipe (per glass):

½ fresh fig, diced

Approx. 80ml ginger flavoured Kombucha

Approx. 90ml dry champagne or sparkling wine


Ruby Rose

Spring is when the flowers are in full bloom. So why not add some to your drink? This champagne cocktail is ideal if you are looking for fragrant flavours. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is charmingly refreshing.

Although I used a dry champagne, the flavours would work with something sweeter. Apart from looks, the best part of this drink is when a pomegranate ruby bursts in your mouth, integrating the harmonious flavours.

If you are looking to impress guests, or just treat yourself, then be sure to make rose petal ice. For the best effect, freeze the petals in layers so that they stay dispersed. To do this, full an ice tray with ¼ water and add a small rose petal. Freeze this first layer and then repeat the process 3 times.

Recipe (per glass):

2 teaspoons pomegranate rubies

2 cubes of rose petal ice

Approx. 50ml sparkling rose water

Approx. 120ml champagne or sparkling wine


Springtime Strawberries

This champagne cocktail is a more elegant version of a strawberry mojito. This classic flavour combination is made a bit more fun with a drop of lime cordial. It can be made with any champagne or sparkling wine, sweet or dry.

To make this drink even more festive, rim the champagne flute with sugar. It will be an ode to the icy winter that has now passed.

Recipe (per glass):

Approx. 5ml lime cordial

1 chopped strawberry

2 shredded mint leaves

Approx. 170ml champagne or sparkling wine of your choice

 Need something stronger? Try this:

Add the cordial, strawberries and mint

Approx. 40ml (1 shot) white rum

Approx. 130ml champagne or sparkling wine of your choice


Citrus & Herb

The bond between grapefruit, rosemary and G&Ts is seemingly unbreakable. However, the citrus and herb also work wonderfully with a dry champagne! While some may find this drink slightly bitter, it is a must-try if you are a lover of the pink citrus. The zesty grapefruit flavours match perfectly with the fresh, aromatic rosemary and a dry bubbly.

Recipe (per glass):

5g chopped grapefruit (optional)

Approx. 50ml grapefruit juice

Approx. 120ml dry champagne or sparkling wine

1 sprig of rosemary

Need something stronger? Try this:

Add the grapefruit (optional) and rosemary

Approx. 50ml grapefruit juice

Approx. 40ml Gin

Approx. 80ml dry champagne or sparkling wine


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