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Eco-friendly, cool and stylish, white linen evokes images of warm weather and beach holidays. Like a lot of people, I haven’t always been a huge fan and largely avoided linen clothing. I thought the linen styles were generally a little outdated, not very stylish and generally “heavy”. And then there’s the issue around all that creasing! But the cool linen styles and trends we’ve been spotting for summer, have made me revise my previous views on linen fashion. Add to this the eco credentials of linen, and the fact that it is actually the perfect summer fabric, and I’ve pretty much been converted. Here’s why you should consider in investing in some linen dresses too…

Linen styles

The perfect summer fabric?

Linen is not only one of the most sustainable fabrics, but it’s also the ideal fabric for summer. It’s a lightweight, loosely woven natural fabric that allows heat to escape from the body. It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly. This all means that when you wear linen, you’ll remain as cool as a cucumber. Another bonus is that linen clothing doesn’t tend to stick to the body.

Linen softens the more you wash and wear it

Initially, your linen clothing can often feel rather crisp and sometimes scratchy, however, through time and use, the fabric becomes soft and supple to the touch. Linen also boasts longevity adding to its sustainability credentials. In addition, because linen fibres are thicker than cotton fibres, a lower thread count can achieve a high quality, enduring linen fabric.

Embrace the creasing!

A bit of crumple in your summer linen dress adds to the overall look and charm of wearing linen. If your linen clothing needs some freshening up, use a steamer to soften the deeper and more noticeable creases. In the end, know and accept that linen will crease. Let it be and perhaps wear linen clothing where a more relaxed look is appropriate.

Styling your linen clothing

We currently have a fab limited collection of cool summer linen styles on Equilibrio. Here are 5 of our favourite styles with some inspiration on how to pull off a laid back summer look. Linen is best paired together with other summer fabrics light silk and cotton. Accessories are a must. Think rattan, bamboo and jute bags and interesting earrings or layers of gold jewellery. Finish the look with leather sandals, wedges, espadrille or some of the fabulous barely there or sculptural midi-heels that are so hot right now.


Summer linen dresses

One of the most versatile linen clothing items to own is the linen maxi dress. While I’m wearing mine more casually with messy curls, some super cute summer sandals and uber-trendy heels, you can smarten up the look for the office with a blazer or a special occasion with some bling.


Summer linen dresses

If linen maxi dresses aren’t your thing, these knee-length linen day dresses are just as versatile and easy to wear. These linen dresses are perfect for everything from the summer school-run, a lunch date or worn as a poolside cover-up while being served exotic cocktails. Both the linen dresses featured here come with belts to tie around the waist and give your figure more definition.


Some find a linen dress too much and prefer to wear linen separates like this gorgeous linen midi skirt. The waistband of this beautiful rusty red midi skirt is super flattering and comfortable. The skirt is made from a linen and rayon blend (55:45) so is already nice and soft and not scratchy at all. Add it’s styling versatility and the fact that it has pockets, and I’m sold on this being my favourite linen style this summer. While this colour is fab with neutrals, it really pops with contrasting blues – a colour combination that is a favourite of the always stylish Victoria Beckham.


Linen clothing

My next favourite linen clothing item is simply the most comfortable summer pants, the linen jogger.  I’m keeping my look vacay casual but these can be dressed up with some heels, statement jewellery and a nice bright lip.


Linen or hemp tops can be worn as a beach cover-up, layered over the linen joggers, leggings or with jeans.

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This post was first created in November 2019, updated on 30 August 2020.