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The Equilibrio team is obsessed with sunscreen. We so wish that our younger selves were more careful in the sun. And although we love a sunkissed glow, we get it from a self-tan bottle rather than the ageing rays of the sun. We all know that most of the damage is done to our skin when we are younger, but sunscreen is still essential when you get older. It is part of the Equilibrio team’s daily routine. But finding a good sunscreen to wear under makeup can be tricky. Sometimes it can mess with the texture of your foundation. So after months of trial-and-error, these are my top picks for sunscreen that works well under makeup.

One-step: Suntique I’m Cover BB Stick SPF50+

I’ve been using this product for over a year and have even used it in some of my “quick makeup tutorials“. I absolutely love it as a one-step product that’s sunscreen, foundation and powder in one. The only issue is that it is a Korean product that is only available in one, light colour.

Suntique sunscreens are mineral sunscreens. Classic sunscreens use chemical active ingredients designed to absorb and dissipate UVA/UVB rays, while mineral sunscreens use mineral active ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to scatter and reflect UVA/UVB rays.

Suntique I’m Cover BB Stick SPF50+, R300 BUY ON K-BEAUTY AFRICA

Moisturiser: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

This product is part of Dermalogica’s AGE Smart range. It is highly moisturising and luxurious. Unlike other high SPF products, this product does not leave a white film on the face. It is also perfectly fine under makeup. In fact, it primes the skin nicely before the foundation application. I use it after serum on my face and neck and apply foundation normally.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50, R1299 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

Stays on: Techniblock Anti-aging Face Creme SPF50

I use this sunscreen when I’m going to be outdoors and sweating a bit. It’s not a natural sunscreen but when I need cover all day this one stays put like nothing else and isn’t shiny on the skin. It is a great sunscreen under makeup and is also water-resistant.

Techniblock Anti-Ageing Face Cream SPF50, R149 BUY ON SPORTSMANS WAREHOUSE

Tinted sunscreen: Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20

This product does not provide enough sun protection if you’re going to be outside all day. But if you’re home and not wearing makeup, this tinted moisturiser is just great. I use it like a normal, light moisturiser and it gives me the slightest wash of colour. It comes in light, medium and dark.

Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20, R799 BUY ON DERMALOGICA

Natural all-rounder: Suntique I’m Pure CICA Suncream SPF50 +

Because I love their BB stick so much, I decided to give the Suntique I’m Pure Suncream a try too. And wow, I absolutely love it.

The term CICA is derived from ‘Centella Asiatica‘. This natural healing ingredient is known for its soothing and repairing properties. This product is a non-chemical, non-irritant sunscreen. It is suitable for everyone – including children and those with sensitive skin types. This sunscreen goes on easily without a white film and is great under makeup.

Suntique I’m Pure CICA Suncream SPF50, R250 BUY ON K-BEAUTY AFRICA

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Enjoy your time in the sun safely.


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