If you’re like me, you’ve been slacking off during the holidays. My calorie intake went up and my activity level went down. I’ve started the year off a bit heavier and quite unfit. But I’m determined to get back on track!

After being less active, one must be careful not to hit the gym and do too much, too soon. You may injure yourself or end up so stiff that you’re put off exercise for weeks. I found this great ten minute cardio video on Popsugar Fitness, which is perfect for someone who is either trying to fire up their fitness again, or doesn’t have much time to work out. It is a high impact, equipment-free workout which gets the heart rate up fast. I do it in my bedroom to get the blood pumping and clear my head before the start of the day. They offer modifications for every move so that anyone can join in and work towards the advanced moves.

Just press play!

This ten minute cardio class can be paired with one of our upper body or lower body workouts. Start with the cardio class and then choose one of the strength workouts.  Alternatively, you can alternate days – doing cardio one day and resistance training on the other day.  Ideally you want to exercise for at least 150 minutes a week.

Popsugar has a great free fitness app which we reviewed last year, if you’re keen to get more workouts and tips on your phone, read more here

And what better way to motivate your training than with some great new activewear? Here are some suggestions:

ten minute cardio

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ten minute cardio

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ten minute cardio

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Good luck!


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