The impossible quest for balance

Until recently I was a corporate executive, mom of a toddler, athlete and wife. My friends and colleagues would continually wonder how I did it all and still managed to have my highlights done before my roots showed. 

Life was on a knife edge, but perceptually perfectly balanced.  Somehow, I got it all done. Every time, just as I thought I was drowning, I’d come up for a gasp of air and keep going.

Skip forward a few years and I’ve quit the dream job in pursuit of something seemingly better which didn’t work out. I’m uninspired. My so-called balance goes out the window, and even though the adrenaline levels have normalized, I feel out of whack.  I’ve never had time on my hands, every second was always planned to get work done, train for an ultra-sports event or run our home. I self-diagnose my midlife crisis.

Equilibrio (which means balance in Italian) is inspired by my quest to find balance in my life.  Somewhere between the adrenalin junkie and the pajama sloth, lies the person I want to be.

Equilibrio is a lifestyle blog on all the things I love – fashion & beauty, health & fitness and other life treasures like art, food and wine. I’m going to write and share my views on these passions along with some special friends who will be contributing to Equilibrio on a regular basis. I hope that Equilibrio will in some small way help you find balance too.



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  1. Sarah

    Good luck Michelle

  2. Jeannie

    Congrats Michelle! This is great. I am rooting for you and look forward to reading your posts! Totally understand where you’re coming from as I have started, stopped, started, stopped my blog for the past 10 years. Been meaning to start again and did last year but life got in the way. C’est la vie!

    • Michelle Doyle

      Thanks for your wishes Jeannie! Hope you enjoy the posts. Please feel free to provide feedback.

  3. Pip

    Good luck Mich! Can’t wait to read all about it and hopefully pick up some style tips from one of the most stylish mums I know ;)

    With love,
    A pyjama sloth seeking some inspo

    • Michelle Doyle

      Thanks for signing up Pippa. Hope we both get the inspiration we need. x

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