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Equilibrio went to check out a new Virgin Active boxing inspired, sweat fest, group class, Rumble. The VA Rumble workout was developed by a kickboxing coach, and former SA professional bantam & featherweight kickboxing champ, Josh Cassius Cloete. For me, this gives the workout some real “boxing street cred”.

Boxing has resurfaced as a popular form of exercise thanks to a host of celebrities like Gigi Hadid who swear by it. I used to go to a boxing gym in my neighbourhood for group boxing classes which absolutely slayed me but left me feeling awesome. They closed down and I never found anything like it located conveniently close by. When I saw that Rumble had been added to the Virgin Active schedule, I immediately grabbed Mich and we headed to a demo class.



The 60-minute boxing meets bootcamp workout consists of a warm-up, the main boxing work-out, an ab workout and finally, a cool down and stretch.  This is all done to a great customized soundtrack developed especially for the Rumble workout.

You literally jump right into pumping up the heart rate with a skipping warm-up. The instructor then spends some time explaining and practicing the four basic boxing punches; jab, cross, hook and uppercut. After that, you get divided up into 3 groups for the boxing workout.

The Rumble boxing workout is similar to the Virgin Active Grid workout, where you do intervals at a number of “exercise stations” that you move through in a circuit. There are 3 stations where you hit the bag, then skip and then shadow-box for 3-minute intervals each. Once you’ve completed the 3×3-minutes circuits you all “huddle” in the middle of the studio for a 1-minute cardio blast interval to finish off a super high-intensity 10-minute circuit. Then you do it all again! And again. In total, you do 3 of these circuits to complete a 30-minute boxing workout that will leave you in a puddle of satisfying sweat! Cue the Rocky Salute with Eye of The Tiger blaring in the background! (I think I’m still experiencing the rush of post-workout positive endorphins.)



virgin active rumble

You can wear your usual gym kit.  The gym provides you with boxing gloves. However, the fit of the gloves isn’t great and you don’t get hand wraps so the friction inside the glove can lead to some movement and reddened knuckles afterwards. You can purchase some boxing hand wraps if you like for additional protection of the knuckles and wrists. If you become a real fan, you might eventually want to invest in your own pair of boxing gloves but it’s not necessary



Mich and I had a smashing time (pun intended)! I enjoyed the class so much, I went to another class the next day. This time at a different Virgin Active with a different instructor.

Since you use your shoulders, arms, abs, butt, and legs to throw a punch, this is a great full-body cardio workout! Observe the fitness of boxers and the amazing condition they’re in to appreciate that boxing classes like Rumble can bear real results. Plus, punching stuff is therapeutic. And finally, it’s a really fun, upbeat group workout to great music. I simply love the energy. It’s a fantastic way to start and energise your day.

Although I would say this is a workout that can be done by everyone, it’s not for slouches. You’re going to work hard but you’ll have fun while you’re doing it! Sure, you can stand around feebly air-punching or nudging the bag but really, what’s the point in that. And the energy of the music and instructor will simply not allow you to take it easy. You get carried away picturing Rocky’s training collages from the movie and envisage yourself slaying it! I couldn’t resist sharing this nostalgic Eye of the Tiger video that I found this morning for some additional boxing training inspiration.


Mich and I agree that this is a fun, energising, full-body cardio workout.  If you like group fitness classes, punching things, and musically-motivated, high-intensity classes you’ll probably love Rumble. We’ve already blocked out our diaries for a weekly Tuesday morning Virgin Active Rumble session.  Go ahead, try a Rumble class, and let us know what you think!


Visit the Virgin Active website to find a Rumble class.


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