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Equilibrio is about to move into our first office space and we’re super excited. We’ve been working from an array of areas, mostly our homes so far, so having a little spot of our own to collaborate, write and run the business is going to be great.

Finding a happy medium between a relaxed, yet creative workspace can be a challenge. We both come from corporate and agency backgrounds, so we know that a good workspace is an important element for high productivity. Chaos in your office can cause chaos in the mind!

Here are a few ways in which we intend to tool our new office so that we can be happy, healthy, productive and creative. These might work for you too.

workspace happiness


You may not have control over your office aesthetics, but you can beautify your little corner of the world. Organise your workspace, avoid clutter and put easy to manage systems into place, these small changes will have a huge influence on your overall mood and ability to shake off stress.

Researchers at Princeton University found that cluttered environments overwhelm your senses and cut down on your brain’s ability to focus, resulting in even more stress and angst.

If you struggle to focus or concentrate on a long-term basis, you may want to consider Brain Training, a new age technology which works on teaching the brain to focus once again. It sounds like a worthwhile investment of both time and money with great rewards. We’re certainly going to look into it.

Another healthy habit that I’d really like to get back into is Transcendental Meditation a wonderful way to beat stress, unwind and focus.



Equilibrio means balance, after all, so we’re going to try our best to keep things healthy in the office. The focus of this drawer is to fill those cravings and burnout moments by keeping our favourite snacks and supplements on hand at all times.

Here’s our latest favourite “brain supplement”:

healthy workspace

It costs R127.40 and is available in various health shops like Dischem and Fresh Earth. Get more details here.

This drawer can also include healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or even a few protein bars.

For supplementation for issues like stress and burnout, always consult your healthcare professional.



Are you one of those people who are guilty of sitting down to work and not leaving your desk until home time? We sometimes sit for hours and hours! This sedentary behaviour can not only aid weight gain but causes all our systems to slow down. Our bodies require oxygen and blood flow in order to function properly and keep our metabolism going.

Set an alarm on your phone or use an app (or a fitness device) to remind you to get up and walk around for a few minutes. Simply going to the loo (don’t hold it!) or making a cup of herbal tea to stretch your legs does the trick. As a result, your mind will be more focused and your mood will be better. Sitting all day is known to make your circulation slower, drop your metabolism, tighten your muscles and make you grumpy.

I’ve been working on an adjustable sit/standing desk by local producer DeskStand for the last year or so and sitting on a fitness ball. It takes some getting used to but the relief in my back and neck is so worth it.


Here’s to workspace happiness. Onwards and upwards!