December travel tends to play havoc with our exercise routine. But it doesn’t have to if we turn to tech. There are loads of online streaming workouts and smartphone workout apps that provide access to a wide variety of workouts anytime and anywhere with a solid WiFi connection. In some instances, like the PopSugar Active app, you can even download workouts and play them later so a lack of WiFi doesn’t stop your workout. Below, is a small selection of some of the most popular, free or inexpensive, virtual and smartphone workouts to keep you moving this December.



For full body strength and conditioning: Jessica Smith TV

YouTube Workouts

Jessica Smith is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Work out with her (and her puppy Peanut) in the comfort of your living room or hotel room. Choose from more than 150 free, full-length workout videos. Follow the custom weekly class schedule or choose workouts based on your specific schedule, fitness level, preferences, and equipment needs. Check out her free YouTube channel workouts here.


For a wide variety of workout categories: BeFit

This YouTube channel features videos ranging from 30-second “tip” videos to full 35-minute workouts from top trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and more. Like Jessica Smith TV, the videos are placed into categories like ab workouts, mobile workouts, pilates and more. They also offer the BeFit in 90 workout channel on YouTube which is a compilation of 90 total body circuit and cross-training daily workouts. If you want to sweat on the go, check out BeFit’s “BeFit Go!” playlist. This consists of workouts that have been specifically created for smaller mobile screens. Check out the free BeFit YouTube channel here.


For pilates: Blogilates

Blogilates is certified group fitness instructor, Pilates mat and Reformer teacher, Cassey Ho’s really popular Pilates channel. She provides a wide range of free Pilates workouts on her YouTube channel from total body workouts to lean legs and inner thigh challenges. She even provides clean eating tips and recipes. Blogilates is also known as POP Pilates because all of Cassey’s workout videos are accompanied by upbeat, fun, pop music. Check out the Blogilates YouTube channel here.


For yoga: YogiApproved


YogiApproved has yoga classes and sequences for almost every imaginable purpose depending on your personal needs. What I really like is that they have great Learning Yoga tutorials to make sure you’re doing the pose correctly. Find the YogiApproved YouTube channel here.



For a personalised workout: SWORKIT

Workout apps

Based on numerous reviews, Sworkit appears to be one of the best, most versatile fitness app available right now. There’s also science to back this up. In a survey of 30 popular fitness apps, researchers at the University of Florida ranked it the best when looking at its aerobic, resistance, and flexibility components. With Sworkit, you pick the kinds of workout you’re looking for and how much time you have. The app then generates a workout.  Click here to learn more about this app and how to use it or here for an iTunes preview. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android.


For audio training: AAPTIV

Workout apps

Aaptiv provides audio-based workouts created by certified personal trainers. Each pre-recorded workout is set to the perfect playlist to create an effective, music-driven experience. With over 2,500 workouts in the app in a variety of categories (running, elliptical, race training, strength training, stretching) there’s a workout for every sport or training category and fitness level. Audio training is increasing in popularity but I think, it’s most useful for cardio training. Click here to learn more about this app and how to use it or here for an iTunes preview. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android (detailed list here.)


Top free workout app: PopSugar Active App

Popsugar Active App has high quality video workouts, photo tutorials, and treadmill workouts designed to meet a wide range of exercise needs and fitness levels. The app consists of many short video workouts, which you can download and mix up to create your own workout. This means that you can still workout even if you don’t have WIFI available. Another reason this app is so convenient is that the majority of PopSugar Active workouts are equipment free. Click here for an iTunes preview. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

In addition to loads of workout routines, they have workout challenges to help keep you focused and motivated like their “Conquer the New Year” challenge. This is a month-long Just Press Play workout plan to help kick start your new year exercise routine.


Popular: Nike Training Club App

Workout apps

The Nike Training Club app has 160+ free workouts in a variety of full-body challenges — from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. You’ll definitely find a workout to suit your needs. Click here to learn more about this app and how to use it or here for an iTunes preview.


If tech is still not your thing, we’ve got some workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime. Get a full body workout from toned arms and sculpted shoulders, to a great booty blast and shapely pins. With all these workouts at our fingertips, there really is no excuse for us to completely abandon our fitness regime during the holidays.

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