Zelens Active Colour

I’ve been an avid fan of the Zelens skincare range since I discovered it last year. This UK brand is committed to eco-responsibility, uses no animal testing, no animal ingredients and no parabens. Successfully marrying science and natural ingredients, Zelens products are appropriate for an aging skin and ever increasing toxic environment. I have previously reviewed and recommended a number of their skincare products. Since I have been enjoying this brand, I was SUPER excited to learn that they have a small range of makeup, Zelens Active Colour, which is now available locally. I promptly purchased three foundation products to try and love them all! What I particularly appreciate about the Zelens makeup is the fact the products are also specifically formulated to protect and treat the skin. The perfect hybrid between cosmetics and skincare.



Zelens Active Colour


The Zelens Active Colour range includes two different primers. Satin and Velvet. The Satin primer is for normal to dry skin that lacks radiance and needs a bit of a pick-me-up. The Velvet primer is formulated for combination to oily skin that is prone to open pores and uneven skin texture. Also, if like me, your makeup tends to slide off by lunch time, then the Velvet primer is perfect for you. It applies easily, absorbs in a blink and immediately banishes shine, leaving a velvet matte finish. It helps keep any oily breakthrough at bay which means that your makeup stays put.

And there’s even more to love about the Zelens Velvet Primer. It’s packed with skin health boosting ingredients like Vitamin E and green shiso leaf. This Japanese mint is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and calms sensitive skin. I particularly enjoy the “cooling” sensation it provides.  In addition, there are plant sugars that limit water loss and boost hyaluronic acid which plumps the skin. This really is more than merely a primer for makeup.

Finally, it’s very lightly pigmented so can be used alone over your moisturiser for a more even, nude finish on “makeup free” days.  This is quite simply, the best all-rounder primer I’ve tried in a while. It not only provides the perfect base for flawless foundation, but also has antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help protect and soothe the skin.

Zelens Velvet Primer, R670 BUY



Zelens Active Colour


Concealers can be tricky on an ageing skin. While they may provide coverage, they can exaggerate not diminish the appearance of fine lines. The Zelens Active Concealer doesn’t do this at all.  Containing 15 active ingredients this is as much an eye cream as it is a concealer! It’s formulated to improve hydration to the delicate eye area while also improving the appearances of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. It does all this while also providing a natural, medium to full coverage.

On days where I’m not wearing “full” makeup, after moisturising, I simply apply the Zelens Velvet Primer and some Active Concealer. This provides a wonderfully natural, and even textured appearance to the skin for the perfect nude finish. While it is more expensive, this has become a makeup bag essential for me.

Zelens Active Concealer, available in 3 colours, R550 BUY



 Zelens Active Colour

The Zelens Active Colour range includes two foundations, Youth Glow and Age Control. Zelens Age Control Foundation is a lightweight foundation brimming with active ingredients to improve collagen production and fight the visible signs of ageing.  This luxurious foundation boosts moisture levels and contains photo-luminescent diamond spheres to give a medium coverage for a more youthful complexion.  It doesn’t cake or sink into fine lines, and it’s completely non-dehydrating.

The foundation itself has a lighter texture and provides a natural, medium coverage. It can be layered as required for fuller coverage. A single pump is all that is necessary to cover my entire face and the colour is brilliant. (I’ve been struggling recently to find eco-friendly foundations where the colour also works for my skin tone.)

Applied over the Zelens Velvet Primer, this foundation lasts. The finish initially appears fairly matte, but after a minute or two, it softens into the skin for a natural look. I find that I don’t need to set it with powder which also helps with not creating fine lines. I think this will be fine for sensitive skins because it’s not heavily fragranced, but you should always test a product before purchasing it.

Zelens Age Control Foundation, available in 5 colours, R990 BUY



Lulafox Magic Wand

A final note on achieving a lasting flawless foundation finish.  Firstly, for me the combination of the Zelens Velvet Primer and the Age Control Foundation works really well.  Secondly, apply your foundation with another of my favourite new product discoveries, the vegan Lulafox Magic Wand. This has become another makeup bag essential. Its not only great for the perfect application of concealer and foundation, but can also be used to blend and contour.

Lulafox Magic Wand, R320 BUY


I am loving and can comfortably recommend the Zelens Active Colour primer, concealer and foundation I’ve tested. This very  small makeup range also includes a lip glaze, lipstick, a mascara and a blush. Unfortuntately, since Zelens not produced in SA, there may not be a foundation and concealer shade available for everyone. Three shades of concealer and five shades of foundation is quite limited. Hopefully this will change soon. You can find the full range of Zelens makeup that is available locally at Metropolitain Cosmetics or shop online here.



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