Equilibrio is a South African fashion blog and online women’s store. We’re a digital platform for women who are too busy to browse the internet for hours to find style inspiration and good local fashion. Our shop includes a range of South African clothing and accessories, and we produce original content on fashion and beauty and at times other topics, like health, recipes, and restaurants. We’re proud to have won the award for South Africa’s Best Fashion Blog shortly after launch in 2017 and again in 2018. Subsequently, our focus has been on growing our online store for local-only fashion for women.


Creators Michelle Doyle and Jill Moolenschot are best friends and soulmates. They travel the globe together, train for insane athletic events together and both have a nerdy curiosity for information. They are the mother and favourite auntie of 8-year-old girl “Little”, and Duke, Daisy and Angus the Great Danes.

Both Michelle and Jill started their careers in the corporate world and finance. Michelle’s path branched into investor relations, marketing and media while Jill was Finance Director of a number of major corporations. Somewhere along the way they’d had enough of the rat race and were teetering on the brink of burnout. They individually decided to resign from their jobs without a plan and were lucky enough to be able to take some time off.

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The Equilibrio founders: left Michelle Doyle, right Jill Moolenschot. Photo cred: LR Photography


In May 2017 Michelle contracted tick bite fever after a cycle race and while sick (and bored) in bed started designing and building Equilibrio. She’d been tinkering with the theme of “a balanced life” for a while and realised that there were many women out there that felt the same. The site was launched on 1 June 2017.

Equilibrio (which means balance) is inspired by Michelle and Jill’s quest to find balance in their own lives. Somewhere between the corporate adrenalin junkie, the gym bunny and the pyjama sloth is a sweet spot, and that is where they want to be (but are far from).

Balance to them means eating healthily but with a few glasses of wine thrown in to keep things interesting; looking their best but not at the cost of the planet, and being fit. Moderation is an anthem they are trying to live by but seldom achieve.

Michelle and Jill write and share their views on their passions along with some special friends and subject matter experts who contribute to the Equilibrio blog on a regular basis. Their hope is that Equilibrio will in some small way promote the local fashion industry and help others find balance too.


A year after the blog was started, Equilibrio launched a small online women’s store with local fashion. The online shop quickly grew into a bigger e-commerce business that passionately promotes and sells locally designed fashion.

It has become Equilibrio’s mission to support the previously neglected local fashion industry.

Michelle and Jill spend a lot of their time meeting with local designers, seeing their studios, finding new brands, and trying on clothes! Every item in the Equilibrio online shop is hand-picked and curated by them.

Many of us may think that fashion is a glamorous industry. But it is tough, and particularly so in South Africa. When you buy an item on the Equilibrio online shop, you can rest assured you are supporting a small business and helping fellow South African make a living.


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